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Balbo Beard Style and How To Grow A Balbo Beard

Balbo beard style is among short beard styles, yet it looks stunning on men with prominent facial curves. It is really easy to keep it and looks absolutely stylish. Basically, Balbo is a wide term and goatee, handle bar mustache and chinstrap are its types. Well, one cannot keep Balbo on its own because it actually requires the help of some professional barber. The cuts of Balbo beard style are difficult to make as the beard is not connected at various parts. The part on the chin is upside down and there is no T mustache. Balbo does not contain any sharp lines and it does not look edgy as well. Balbo Beard is also among our list of best beard styles for black men.

Balbo beard style

How To Grow A Balbo Beard Style

So if you think that this will suit on your face then here are the few steps that will help you keep a Balbo:

  • It is easy to transform Hollywood styled beard into Balbo
  • The hair on the face should be shaved off while leaving the hair on the chin and around the mouth only
  • With the help of the trimmer make the outline for the Balbo. Make the chin area while trimming off the hair up to 2 to 3 cm below the lip which will slowly be transformed into chin zone
  • Remove the hair between the chin and mouth, make the elongated form. The area beneath the lip should moreover look like a rectangle
  • Style the mustache with the trimmer. The lower part of the mustache should be even and the upper part should be styled according to the shape of the lips. The outcome shall be like a strip of mustache which should not be wider than 5 to 10 mm. this will exactly look like handlebar mustache
  • Now remove all the extra facial hair carefully , well here you can check few best beard styles for teenagers other than the balbo beard.

Keeping this style is easy and it is also easy to remove the extra hair. This particular style looks really tidy if taken care and yes! Do not forget to give a twist to the ends of your mustache.


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