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Trending Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair

Beard styles for men with short hair may seem a little difficult to select at first, however, once you poke around a bit, there are numerous beard styles and looks that are specially made to suit the short hair type. The many beard styles help a lot in promoting the structure of your face to give it more character. At first, it may seem obvious that short hair has to be paired with guys with short beards, but this is not always the case. Short haired men can carry any length of facial hair, from short stubble to full beard just as well as any other man. Here we give you our top picks for such guys with the hope of inspiring you to discover your own style.

Beard styles for men with short hair

Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair

Salt and Pepper Beard

guys with short beardsThis style combines a full French beard with the basic look. The aim for this style is to include the white hair as salt on your normal hair color which gives the pepper, to give a trending blend. A pretty good option for men of older years to save them the time spent coloring their hair. Many celebrities have chosen this look to portray their personality. A perfect example is George Clooney; with his elegant airs, the beard compliments his entire personality to raise his style game by several notches.

How to Grow

Grow a general beard to a length of 1-2 inches before attempting to shave it. Shave to create your cheek line and clean the neck hair to give the professional look. You can keep on the regular trimming to maintain the beard style. Let the different color in the beard show, this is what adds flavor to this look.

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Long Stubble

beard trimming stylesThis is your look if being hunky and cool is your style genre. Brad Pitt in a certain point of his career, adopted this style and totally changed his outlook. This beard style has gained much popularity and these long, lank of hair are a certain pleader in the ladies’ club, sure to gain you a plus.

How to Grow

This style is easy enough to grow, but maintaining it at its ideal length can be tricky. Shave your cheek hair to create a low cheek line and trim off the excess length to control the length of the growing hair. Not everyone can handle this beard style, but if you are up to constant grooming, it is sure to cling to you for long.

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Chin Curtain

short hair with beardAmong the beard trimming styles, this look is by far the winner. A modification of the chin strapped beard, this look involves a broad strap of hair lining your jaw combined with a soul patch. This look can be the real game changer for you. Ryan Gosling who has kept short hair with beard throughout his career and Zac Efron have both tried it out and rocked the red carpet wearing it, much to the delight of their fans. If they can do it, so can you! Try this style out to give your personality a complete makeover.

How to Grow

Starting with the basic beard of one inch, grab your trimmers to shave off your mustache. Clean off your cheek and neck area and carve out a broad strap of hair on the jaw to create the curtain effect. You can either opt for a connected or an unlinked soul patch to your liking.

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Shabby Look:

shabby beard styleThis is a really trendy, happy-go-lucky style that is one of the best beard styles for men with curly hair. This style really brings out the personality to give a fun look which is attractive and really hard to miss. Guys with this style are a hot topic among the ladies and you will definitely be too if you choose to carry it.

How to Grow:

Let your hair extend to a good inch or two before you start styling. Clean your neck area, but leave the cheeks alone to give off a trendy untidy vibe. Clip off excess hair using scissors to tame the beard. You can either pair it with a linked mustache and soul patch or a soul patch alone. There are endless variations, choose the one that speaks to you.

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Short haired man can breathe a sigh of relief for all these beard styles for men with short hair elaborate a number of styling ways that can be your next look. Of course, the last decision rests with you. The style you choose has the potential to really shape your personality. Choose it wisely to stand out!

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