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Sophisticated Yet Cool Beard Styles for Older Men

Beard styles for older men are a little tricky to separate from all the other range of looks. Recently, beard styles have become the sought after trend and many people, may it be young teenagers or older guys, are looking for new beard styles for older menand unique beard styles for men. As we age, our style and manners change. Our dressing standards alter, our looks become very different from before and so does our choice of facial hair styles. It can hard to find which style will become you in this half of your life, so, we have taken it upon ourselves to present to you the entire range of beard styles to make your choice easier.


Beard Styles for Older Men

The Classic Beard:

beard styles for men over 50This look is the evergreen style for you to enjoy. The interesting thing about this look is how it seems to enhance every face shape and cut and will surely compliment your personality in this age. The combination of a regular short trimmed beard with a mustache liner and connected soul patch will give you the energetic and healthy appearance you have always wanted. If in doubt, who better to look up to than George Clooney, who has mastered this look to perfection.

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Salt and Pepper Beard:

salt and pepper beard for older menTired of dying your hair over and over again? This might be just the option for you. This look aims to showcase those white hairs that who you have always hidden as salt on your basic beard color, the pepper. Mixing this combination with the regular beard facial hair style gives a becoming beard style for men to try out. Give it a chance to see if it works. The unique combo of nature with a hint of modernism will surely up your style game if it suits you.



Band Holz:

Band Holz beard styleThis is a full beard for those men who command sophistication. Well, if you are curious about what a full beard says about you? you need to visit here. The band holz beard is not just any beard style for men, it is a full beard altered to look more fashionable and on point. Joining a full beard with a magnificent mustache, this style gained popularity from its founder, Eric Band Holz, a beard enthusiast after which it is named. This style will make among mature looking beard styles for men over 50.




French Beard:

french beard style for old menMany celebrities, old and young alike have chosen this look at some point in their career. From Amitabh Bachchan to Will Smith and Brad Pitt, the French beard has been the desired beard style for men for ages. Coming in a variety of combinations, this beard style gives you the opportunity to mix, match and experiment till you get the look which you always wanted.

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balbo beard style for menMen of all ages and especially for older men, if they have what it takes to look fashion ready, can carry this look to change their entire get up. Popular for the Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr, it is a 3-piece beard with a mustache, soul patch and sharply trimmed goatee. If you can handle it, this look is by far the carry on top of all beard styles.(1)

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Age is just a number and should never be a hindrance to looking fashionable. Yes, every phase of our life demands a complete reevaluation of our fashion choices, but all these age groups have their own popular styles and looks for you to try out. Beard styles for older men follow a similar trend to beard styles for any other men. We have given you the options and the liberty to choose. Grab your shears and get the style that will make heads turn even now!(2)



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