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Best Beard Styles for Long Face

Best beard styles for long face, like any other distinct face shape, needs to be evaluated carefully for you to decide what really becomes you. Of the different beard styles to choose from, this is no easy task. Not to worry, we are here to rescue you from your plight. After reading what we have to offer on best beard styles for men, choosing the right and cool style will be all too easy.

best beard styles for long face

So what is the best beard for my face? Yes, we will answer that question, but before we delve into depths of each style, let us first describe the basic geometry of a long face. What features make a face long? You know, you have a long face when the length of your face is the longest aspect. The rest; cheek bones, forehead, jawline all fall neatly in line. To give you a live, standard long face, we suggest you take a close look at Adam Levine. The Maroon 5 lead singer has what you might call the perfect oblong face cut, with every measurement precisely in order. Now, lets have a look at the best beard styles for long face.

Best Beard Styles for Long Face

Short Stubble:

best beard styles for menThis could be just one of the best beard styles for men and certainly the easiest of all you ever tried. The charm of it lies in the way it conceals your long chin and adds a little bit of texture on the sides of your face for a fuller appearance. It is a look, many stars on the red carpet support, Adam Levine is just one of the many. This is also one among the best beard styles for round face.

How to Grow: Video Tutorial

All that you need to do for achieving a short stubble, is to let your hair grow for a couple of days. From then on just trim away to keep the hair length under control. You do have to remember to shave off the hair on your neck and around your cheeks for the accomplishment of a tidier look, focusing that stubble on your chin.

Medium stubble:

beard stylesGerard Pique, with his uncanny good looks is one of the many who slay this look. Still pondering on the question; What beard style fits my face? Well, this might just be your answer. A medium stubble is a very becoming beard style. Once it suits you, it’s sure to stick to you for a long way.

How to Grow: Video Here

For a perfectly grown medium stubble, let your beard alone for 2-3 days. Once you reach a length of 3-5mm, bring on the shears and clippers. It is important that you halt your hair growth at this point as the beard will start giving off an unkempt vibe if allowed to grow any further.

Long Stubble:

best beard for my faceOut of all the stubble styles, this one might as well be the toughest to pull off. This peculiar beard style is not for everyone, but if you are willing to sacrifice time for a high maintenance schedule, this style may have some perks to offer.

How to Grow: Video Demo

Growing a long stubble is the easy part, however, keeping it presentable is hard. Simply let your beard grow to a length of 6mm, frequently trimming on the way. This is done to achieve the shadowy look. Trim all those stray hairs for a complete, professional style.

Captain Jack:

Different beard stylesThis is really one of the best beard styles. For round face, the style may work just as well. An intriguing combination of goatee like whiskers with a chin strap and a soul patch, this beard style is one of the ladies’ favorites.

How to Grow:

Make sure you have up to 1 inch of beard length to work with before you begin styling. Carve out a chin strap by shaving of the hair on your cheeks along with the hair just above your chin. Saloon services are advised, as the look requires a very precise cut.

The Professional Beard Styles For Men:

best beard styles for excutivesThe look really lives up to its name. Ian Somerhalder, Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham have had this style on and off at numerous points in their career. If you need to get up in character, this is the look for you. A mix of a mustache and beard linked to a soul patch, it does need quite a bit of attention for its sophisticated appearance.

How to Grow:

Grow your beard for a good seven days before attempting to shave it. Shorten the hair and try to keep the lines very defined and tight. Define the beard at the edge of your jawline by shaving off the hair on your neck. We recommend, you avail the expertise of a saloon for the first cut, as every part needs to be well sculptured for this look to work.

Once achieved, maintaining the style is a whole other topic for discussion. Oiling and moisturizing are essentials that you need to keep in mind, in order for a healthier, cleaner and a more professional beard. Whatever the look you choose, if styled correctly, each one of these best beard styles for long face are sure to carve out a whole new personality for you. Chosen wisely, it might just give you a whole new perspective.



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