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23 Best Beard Styles for Men To Try in 2017

Best beard styles for men in 2017 may be something that has crossed your mind now and then. We all know best beard styles for menthat you have been worried about your beard styles, so is there a chance of change in the near future? The year may not be over yet, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time to rethink your fashion choices for the year to come. On the contrary, it is the ripest time to spot the emerging new trends as the old ones fade away. Agreed, nice beard styles never die, but there are always stylish additions to the catalog and you may never know which one could have the potential to be with you for the next year. The question now is; how do you get your hands on the latest best beard styles for 2017? They aren’t floating around in magazines yet! Thankfully, we had our keen eye on the many styles around us and so have managed to compile the following list describing 15 awesome beard styles that are a must try! If you are looking for best beard styles for black men then please read: best beard styles for black men.

Best Beard Styles For Men In 2017

The Zappa

best beard styles for 2017Originating from the American musician Frank Zappa, this beard has a twist of its own. The beard aims for a thicker look and will excellently pair with a heavy face. If it’s a strict personality you are after, this beard is a great way to get there! Comprising of a thick mustache that dips pointedly at both sides, paired with a soul patch which is equally thick. The style can be a bit tricky to handle but rest assured it will definitely give you the makeover you were looking for. Quite a few bikers and some young gentlemen have been spotted supporting this look up in the city. One thing is for sure, you need to have a personality to master the guts needed to pull this look off! interested to read few beard styles for men with short hair? then you need to go to beard styles for men with short hair.



shenandoah beardAlthough, having started from a known general of the American society, years ago, the style has seen some upsurge late this year. This style can be thought of as a fuller version of the chin curtain with the mustache removed so that the chin line dips deep. The neck and chin hair are allowed to grow a long beard. This beard style is a great option if it’s the clean look you are going for. Paired with the correct hairstyle the look can do marvels for you, both in terms of style as well as personality. Looking for beard styles for men with round face? then please read our list of best beard styles for round face.

The Neckbeard

neck beard This trend has been tried out in earlier years of the 21st century but failed. However, this time, there is strong proof that this look is gaining a stronghold. Numerous people throughout the year have been spotted growing a neck beard. The beard includes no hair on the face at all. Instead, the neck hair is made to grow and is shaped into a beard. It doesn’t have to be full hair as well. You can trim it down to create a stick-on appearance or you can let it grow if you like. These styles, especially the stick-on ones are getting quite popular among the young ladies, another reason to give this unusual beard style another shot.


The Horseshoe mustache

Horseshoe mustacheTaken to be more of a biker style, this mustache has been popular among many stars in Hollywood over the years. The wrestler Hulk Hogan also supported a similar mustache. In recent months this beard trend has seen much activity. Many people in their 30s or older and even some youngsters have chosen to be seen supporting the hulk style. The beard comprises of a standard straight mustache with parallel lines at the ends that go down to the chin. All the rest is shaved clean. Do you want to be the center of attraction in 2017? Well, the horseshoe mustache could just do the trick.

The Goat patch

the goat patch beardThe goatee was one thing, but what’s a goat patch? For those of you still surprised by the name, it is a straight beard on the chin that goes down from the center of the lip and ends at the chin. Many college boys have taken to getting this look and agreeably it does give their style a boost. The goat patch beard can be your weapon to get all that attention you require. Paired with a certain style of clothes and haircut the goat patch is one of those light beard styles that can make you look, unrecognizable!


Balbo Beard

balbo beard style for menThis beard style has been quite popular this year, and chances are the beard style will end up going far into 2017 as well. Who can blame it? The beard style does have the unique ability to contour to every face shape to give a complete personality shift. It is made up of 3 parts, the mustache with a soul patch and a chin-growth. You can either extend the mustache diagonally to connect with the jawline or you can leave them separate according to preference. The beard gained popularity with the Batman Star Christian bale and has refused to leave the limelight since then. Why would it? Ladies approval, style turnover, and personality, it gives you all in a single package!


The Chin strap

chin strap beard This is another style that is refusing to back down from its height of fame. The chin strap beard is a unique way of forming a very thin line coming down from the sideburns on to your jawline to your chin. Some people like to pair it with a mustache, which makes it even fancier, however, this is one of those risky beard styles that doesn’t suit everyone. This might actually be why so many people are attempting to master the look. Even in Hollywood itself, numerous examples have surfaced. One such person is young Elijah wood aka Frodo Baggins, who has really pulled this look off with the grace that it deserves. If you like something different too, why not give this style a try in 2017.

The Chin curtain

chin curtainA further modification of the chin strap to make it more acceptable in the office. This beard style can be named along the stylish professional beard styles, that allow you to look extremely well put together yet admiringly daring at the same time. If you want to give off a strong wife this can be the look you are searching for. Comprised of a broader strip of facial hair on the jawline as compared to the chin strap, the hot looks of this beard style can get you high in the ladies’ club as well.


The French fork

This beard style is again a risk, but yet again this might be the reason why it has gained so much popularity recently. The beard starts normally, with connected mustaches, but as you come down the body of the beard gets divided to give two tails. Although the style may seem contradictory to some, for others it is becoming the latest trend to follow. Everything demands accessories. Same goes for the beard styles. When accessorized with the appropriate haircut and clothes choice, it can really bring out your personality. So, why hesitate? After all, if it doesn’t suit you can always change it, right?

The Anchor

anchor beard styleThis beard style includes under chin hair that flips up at the chin to give an anchor shape. The style has gained popularity in 2016 and seems to not go away. Many people, nowadays can be seen supporting this fashionable look and we don’t blame them. The look does do a lot in creating a stylish vibe and at the end of the day that all everyone is aiming for. As for the ladies, they seem to be in awe of the style and would definitely give you second looks if you are wearing it. Surprised? You can try it out for yourself!

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A la Suvorov

This well joined beard and mustache claim a world of its own. Not everyone will want to adopt this facial hairstyle but those who dare to, are destined for a very stylish future indeed. Basically popular in the early 90s, the A la Souvarov is coming back into fashion. The beard demands style adjustments to be made in order to give you its full potential, but once you are through with the initial phase of changes the style pays your investment back with the profit I clouded. The beard style can be a bit tricky to carve out so salon services are suggested for the optimum results, for this beard style requires precision to look perfect.

Friendly Mutton chops

Friendly Mutton chopsThis look gained popularity with the one and only Hugh Jackman of the wolverine. He played the role so stylishly that this beard style has become an icon since. The beard involves growing your sideburns to your cheeks and then connecting them via the mustache in a sort of a friendly handshake! That is the only thought that comes to mind with these interconnecting beard lengths. This beard style is one of the game changers. You don’t wear it, it wears you. So, if you are one of the lucky ones on which it does suit, well what are you waiting for, get it right away! Trust us, you will thank us later.

Find complete list of beard styles names.

The Petit goatee

This goatee can be considered as an extension of the standard soul patch. It involves a small tuft of hair below the skin which extends down to the chin. Many youngsters are supporting this look this year and it is expected to be a favorite of the year 2017 as well. The great perks of the goatee are that you can wear it both professionally and casually. This means you merge with the situation, but look extremely cool as well. In addition, the look has become a hot favorite in the ladies’ department as well. All the more reason to have it docked down in the new year to-do list.

The Klingon

This look is a modification of a French beard. The Klingon has two parallel lines going to the edges of your mouth, a soul patch and hair on your jawline. This gives the impression as if the beard is clinging on to your mouth. A great look for many, the style has been seeing an uprise in recent months and seems to be going strong for its appearance in 2017. So, keeping the look in the notice as a prospective candidate for our style in 2017 is a must.

The Van Dyke

The Van Dyke beard styleThis legendary beard style speaks for itself. The iron man star Robert Downey Jr. started the trend, little did he know that he had ignited a fire! The beard style has been the favorite throughout this year with many celebrities adopting the look. Walking down the street you are sure to spot at least two men supporting the look. The reason is the immense stylishness and contouring of the beard itself. The style involves a mustache with a soul patch that is connected to a broad patch of hair on the chin. This patch intern spreads back along the jaw to complete the look. The sizzling style has been the preference for many, and we assure you, once you try it out, you will fall in love with it for sure. Beard styles for men our 50 can be read in out effort of beard styles for older men.

 The Ducktail

Compromise perfect between a complete beard and a Van Dyke, the Ducktail succeeds the mixture of the savage and the mastered. Close to the beard Nicholas II which was worn at the beginning of the last century, it has once again been brought up to date by the hipster community, which generally plays to form beautiful long wax mustaches. If the Ducktail does not ask so much (besides, a beautiful Ducktail beard must form a uniform set, beard and mustache associated), it nevertheless continues to please because its chameleon side allows it to be carried in any situation.

The beard to the Verdi

Inspired by Giuseppe Verdi , the famous Italian composer of the 19 th century, the Verdi beard is actually a full beard that was stylized. If the beards provided are currently very trendy, it is because they allow to create a sophisticated and audacious silhouette, especially when they are worn with modern lines and hair cuts with very short sides. The Verdi is the ideal example of beard that allows to create this kind of style, since although it is based on a beard complete and rather long, it is not totally wild.

The wild beard or beard of ZZ Top

In terms of natural beards, one is not better than the wild beard, which also sometimes called the beard of ZZ Top in tribute to the rock band singers who really doing very long! If it takes time to be obtained, it is also a style to adopt with caution: to be trendy, the wild beard must be combined with a controlled style of dress, either in the ultra-classic to create a contrast Entertaining, or in the original to stick to an unusual personality. The beard is neglected, but the rest must not be!

The 3-Day Beard

Very popular lately, the 3-day beard is probably the most popular beard style currently worn by men. This is probably due to the fact that it is fairly easy to obtain, and two methods tend to clash: some men play the card of the natural shoot (after a few days, Let it grow back), while others opt instead for the beard of 3 days “frozen” (that is, a lawnmower stroke at the right height to shorten suddenly when the beard is over The point of bearding 5 or 6 days).


It became popular thanks to Eric Bandholz, who decided to grow his beard. After many comments against his appearance, he quit his job to create his own brand of beard care products.

This style is for daring people and benefits almost all types of face, less round, in order to take it you must have a lot of patience to wait for the beard to grow, which could take up to seven months, after this time you can start to cut it And start giving it the desired shape.

When you get tired of this style you trim it a bit and you fall into the Garibaldi style.

Brett beard

This particular beard style is a neat combination of two apparently simple beards: the beard in collar and the fly. Whom it occurred to combine them and why it remains a mystery. Probably somebody named Brett.

The most singular feature of this beard is that, unlike the collared beard, it is not attached to the sideburns. It is a perfect style to add definition to a round face. Nor is it wrong with very square jaws, but it is not recommended in the case of elongated faces.

Circle beard

Five O’clock beard

All in all, the real decision comes down to you. What will suit you? Will the mutton chops be a more stylish option or will the petit goatee suit you better? We have done our job to round up the trends. The above-mentioned styles are expected to be the best beard styles for men in 2017. The rest is on you. You may be surprised, but changing your outlook can really change your personality as well, and with so many styles available, it might even be a good decision to finally change it after all. So, do you dare to change your style? this marks the end of 15 best beard styles for men in 2017.

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