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Best Beard Styles for Oval Face

Best beard styles for oval face can be the easiest to figure out. Not because, many people have an oval face, but because all beard styles adjust to this face structure to give the perfect fit. Whether or not to wear facial hair, is a choice which completely rests with you. However, if you have decided to come down the path of finding the best beard for my face, we are here to help you. The different types of beard styles that we will discuss are from the most famous beard styles that look good on the oval face.

best beard styles for oval faceWhat Is An Oval Face:

If you have a forehead that has a width which is slightly wider than the chin, with the face length that could be one and a half times the width of your face, complemented with soft angles, chances are you are one of them oval faces. Many celebrities enjoy the luxury of having this face cut. Notable names like Jake Gyllenhaal and Barry Watson have nailed this face shape and carried the best beard styles for men with ease. The following are some of the best shapes of beards contouring to the oval face that we have chosen to share with you. If you have a long face then you must read beard styles for long face, but this post is all about best beard styles for oval face. So lets have a look…

Best Beard Styles For Oval Face

Extended Goatee:

Extended goatee styles for round facesAn oval face carries all the goatee styles for round faces with just as much charm. The extended goatee is one of them. With a unique fusion of a mustache and a goatee, this look is a real winner in the lady’s club. Celebrities like Brad Pit and David Beckham have melted hearts with different varieties of this beard style.

How to Grow: Video Tutorial

Initially, grow your beard to attain a medium stubble. Attempt to trim the sideburns and clean the hair on your cheeks. You can vary the length of this goatee to your liking, which might just be an added bonus.

Well sometime people get confused between round and an oval face, so to check what makes your face a round one and what all beard styles will suit that peculiar face, have a look at best beard styles for round face.

Anchor Beard:

shapes of beardsThis is a unique beard style and one of the hardest to pull off. If it clicks for your personality, however, there is no reason why this short goatee-soul patch mix couldn’t be your signature style.

How to Grow: Video Tutorial

Having grown a medium length stubble, shave off the hair on your neck and cheek. Clear adjacent, small curved areas on your chin, to come up with this small soul patch linked to the shallow trimmed goatee. It is better if you look to the salon for this look, as getting the defining lines precisely cut, can be a challenge.

Circle Beard:

circle beardThis is a very popular among the best beard styles for men. For long face, it might not be the perfect choice, but it works wonders on both the oval and the round face cut. The very much on the news, Kanye West has been carrying this look as a signature beard style for quite some time. It is a goatee and a mustache, styled in the shape of a circle.

How to grow: Video Demo

To avoid over trimming mishaps, allow your beard to grow up to a reasonable length. You can attempt to shape the basic style yourself, going for that sharp circle look. However, salon expertise is strongly recommended.

Full Beard Kastro:

Full Beard KastroThis is a trendy alteration of the original full beard, adding a slight modernization to the basic look. Coupled with connected mustaches, this beard is a real option for you if you are going for a manly image, spiked with a dash of trendy. However, growing one out requires patience, but if it suits you, all the attention from the ladies will surely pay it off.

How to Grow:

For this look, you need to first grow out the beard to a length of about 4-5 inches. Once you have a basic full beard to work with, deepen your cheek line by shaving off the hair on your cheek, creating a sharp cut, deep trench on your sides.

Hollywoodian Beard Style For Oval Face:

HollywoodianA combination of goatee with a linked soul patch and unconnected whiskers. This style gained fame with Christian Bale, the Batman star, who turned heads with this elegant and sophisticated look.

How to Grow:

Grow out a standard stubble of about two inches to give you enough hair for a head start. Shave off your sideburns and lower your cheek line closer to the chin. Shave off the hair on your neck to achieve that cleaner, more presentable look.


Any of the preceding best beard styles for oval face, are guaranteed to help you achieve an elegant look. Finding the one which works best for you is an option for you to decide. Whatever you opt for, however, requires confidence to pull off. Believe in yourself to make your look stand aloof and walk out like you own it!

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