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Best Beard Styles for Round Face

Best beard styles for round face, oval face, square face, pretty much any shape that those faces can come in, require their own unique styled facial hair. Tired of trying to decide which from so many beard styles looks best on you? We understand, it can be tricky to nail the right style for your face, especially when there are so many to choose from. To lend you a hand, we have put together a guide, explaining the best beard styles for men to help you find the style that compliments your face, to make you, the real you!

Best Beard Styles for Round Face

The Face Structure: How Do They Determine?

Before we even begin to describe our catalogue of different beard styles, you have to first determine what shape your face is. There are many standards out there telling you what your face category is. Use them to figure out where you belong. This is a really important step because each shape demands a different approach of hair styling. Take Enrique Iglesias, the female heart throb. He is the perfect example of an oval face, with soft and subtle angels, a face length which is longer than the width of his cheek bones and the broader forehead compared with the jaw line, Enrique ideally fits the category; oval.

Once we have got the face structure, we can now get to business. The following section can give you all the details you need, to find the best beard styles for your specific face cut and how to grow them. Go by one rule; the beard and the jaw line should work together to come out in a nice, progressive, oval shape for you to have the best bearded look.

Best Beard Styles For Round face

This peculiar shape is a little difficult to handle, there is nothing wrong with the face, though, finding the style that suits, can be a bit tricky. Having a round face means you have a face length almost equal to your cheekbones, your forehead also corresponds with your jaw line and you are soft angled. Being round faced, you might have often thought; what is the best beard for my face. We might just have the answer. Here we present you with the latest beard styles for round face.

Friendly Mutton Chops:

Different beard stylesThis beard style is a variation of the regular mutton chops look. In this look your aim is to grow and connect a mustache to the sideburns extending to the edge of the mouth. The mustache is what makes this look different from the regular mutton chop. The movie thriller, Wolverine, really kicked off this style as actor Hugh Jackman portrayed this style flawlessly.

How to Grow:

Attempt to grow your sideburns and mustache, allow them to meet. Then shape of your chin for a completely clean lower lip area.


Chin Strap:

Chin Strap This might as well be one of the hardest styles to pull off. The basic feature is a short line of hair growing only on the extremes of the face and jaw line.  With time, however, many hybrid versions have come to make this look much more becoming. Pair it with a goatee or a mustache. The width of the strap is also important and totally up to your preference, however, a thicker one, called a Chin Curtain, looks elegant on many men and may well be worth a shot.

How to Grow: If Yet a teen then please explore best beard styles for teenagers.

Grow your beard to about once inch long before hand. It is best to gain the services of a salon for this look, as the preciseness of the beard calls for a no mistake shave. The style may not be for everyone but if it suits you, it can go a long way.

French Beard Style for Men:

French beard stylesFrench beard styles for round face are much on the rise now a day. Many popular names of today’s world signature the French beard looks. Amitabh Bachan, Will Smith, Brad Pitt and countless more have supported it, resulting in its fame worldwide. The beard is a simple blend of a mustache with a sophisticatedly cut goatee. Furthermore, there are numerous styles of each to choose from.

How to Grow: Watch Video

Plan the basic look you are going for in your head. Would you want Van Dyke goatee or a soul patch, whether a bushier mustache is more your thing or should it be thin and shapely. Once you have the raw style, let your beard go up to a quarter of an inch of stubble. Shave around the area and define the lines to achieve your perfect look.

The Stubble:

Stubble beard styles for oval faceNot only does it look good on the round face, any face cut can rock it. Short, medium or long, this beard style is the easiest of all to carry. Numerous artists have aimed for and acquired this look with grace. You might too.

For the short stubble, simply don’t shave for two days and trim from then on. The same applies for the medium stubble, however, this time grow your hair to 3-5mm before the cutting session and up to 6mm for the long stubble. Do remember to trim off the hair in the neck area and above your cheeks to focus the stubble only to the lower areas of the face and achieve a cleaner look.

Soul Patch:

Soul PatchThis is a perfect beard style for round face men. Many actors and celebrities adopted this perfectly like Spanish international David Villa and many more.

How To Get It: Video Demo

Trim your complete face evenly, and just leave hair on your soul patch longer.  Now use your precision trimmer to trim the hairs on your chin until you are left with a tuft of hair just under your bottom lip. Use your mini foil shaver to make sure the edges are neat and tidy. Your soul patch is ready.


Oval Face:

This is the best face shape you can possibly have because most styles work well with it. So far the best beard styles for oval face are summarized in the following few paragraphs.

Band Holz:

Band HolzThe Band Holz is a full beard, which is linked to a magnificent mustache at the top. This beard is famous for its founder, Eric Band Holz. The creator of men’s grooming products, Beardbrand. He had once worked in a mill when he acquired a peculiar love for growing beards. However, his views weren’t much appreciated, so he left work altogether to follow his love for beard fashion. This style is also suited for triangle, inverted triangle, diamond and oblong face cuts.

How to Grow it: Video

Patience is virtue and growing a Band Holz sure requires a lot it. Throw away the scissors and razors. Yes, you will dread the mirror for the first four months, probably due to unkempt and patchy looks, but once past the 7 month mark you will have a glamorous beard to your credit. Let it grow as much as your genes allow you to. You can then trim it or let it be au naturel, whatever you prefer.

Extended Goatee:

extended goatee stylesThis style is a real winner with the ladies, as David Beckham and even Channing Tatom proved, when they carried this style flawlessly. It is also a mixture of a mustache with a goatee styles, but you can vary and experiment with the basic style. Try adjusting the hair extensions to different shapes and angles for the perfect style that clicks for you.

How to Grow:

It is important to have a medium stubble to give you enough hair to begin with. Just trim the sideburns to your liking and you are good to go.

GariBaldi Beard:

garibaldiThis is a great look if you want to grow a beard, but don’t have enough time to clip and shear to look perfect. It is what you might call the natural look. Just a bit shorter than the Band Holz, the GariBaldi is perfect for oval and rectangular faces.

How to grow:

As with all long beards you will have to give your beard ample time to grow, once it has reached the length of 15-20cm, start shaping the lower end into a rounded look. Also, keep your mustache low profiled as you want the beard to be the main focus.

From this array of the best beard styles for round face, you can, at your ease choose the one’s that suit you best. Will Smith’s French or Robert Downey’s Balbo, once applied each unique style is sure to give a twist to your personality. However, remember to opt for only that from style from so many beard styles, which not only looks good on the celebrity but also looks good on you.. . . . .

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