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Best Beard Styles for Square Face

Best beard styles for square face can be a bit tricky to accomplish due to the unique contour of the face cut in question. However, we have vowed to present to you the entire catalogue of men beard styles, so, coming up with a beard style for square shape is a task we took upon ourselves to accomplish. Quite a few celebrities blessed with this face cut have managed a variety of different beard styles and we are here to put some of the best ones under the spotlight.

beard styles for square faceLet us first introduce you to the symmetry of a square face. A face can be said as having a square cut when your forehead and cheek bones fall in a line and the length of your face is roughly equal to the distance between your cheek bones, with a sharp angled jaw to support. Hard throbs like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt have been rocking the style game with this face cut for years. Along with the numerous facial hair styles that compliment this face shape, here are the top contenders.


Beard Styles For Square Face

Mutton Chops:

different beard stylesThe popularity of this facial hair style gained heights when Huge Jackman decided to show up at the Wolverine set, killing the look. Among the different beard styles for face shapes, this facial hair do is a unique option to try. It combines side burns, extending to the mouth corners not connected by either chin hair or whiskers. The chops can be either trimmed or bushy, as to your preference.

How To Trim:

Bit tricky yet can be done with little practice. Please watch this video to know the details and a know how you can trim this unique beard style.



Subtle and Understated Stubble:

beard styles for face shapesSome looks are best reserved for the teenage years. This subtle yet stylishly understated stubble comprises a short stubble tailored to soften the very prominent angles and enhance your features. Consisting of a light mustache with a very slight chin curtain, a soul patch to compliment the entire look, this style is pretty easy to maintain and yet super hot in the ladies’ department.

How To Achieve:

It is i think among the easiest beard style to achieve. Here is a video tutorial for an indepth guide on this beard style.



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Skinny Goatee:

skinny goateeIf ‘funking’ it up to be the bad boy is more of your taste, we suggest you consider adopting a skinny goatee. Who other than Magic Mike to pull this meticulous look off with grace. Channing Tatum, really outdid himself with this facial hair style. It combines a precisely cut mustache with a thin beard counterpart by 2 sharp lines. A soul patch just barely visible completes this look for all those wondering which beard is best for my face.

How To Shave:

Please watch this video if you are eager to know this cool beard style.


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The Hollywoodian:

HollywoodianOpting for a more classic look? We recommend you try the graceful hollywoodian beard style. This is a unique mix of a goatee coupled with a linked mustache. The best part is the customizable length, which you can alter to your liking. The dashing David Beckham has been supporting this look with the charm of a star. Evidently this beard is sure to gain some positive points in your style game as well.

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Clearly, an entire variety of best beard styles for square face are available for you to explore and choose as you please. Each style enhances a specific feature of your personality and when chosen for the right reason, can make you a high ranker in the style game. So, get your shears and scissors ready to carve the best beard styles of your choice.

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