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Best Beard Styles for Teenagers : Choose One To Standout

Best beard styles for teenagers” has been a much talked about topic among the young generation. These young men, just beginning to embrace their older years, are confronted with a challenge to manage their beard styles to come up with the most becoming facial hair looks out there. Being young, growing a full beard is a luxury not quite in our reach. So, what are the beard styles for boys to go for? We are here with an entire catalog of styles to ease the game for these young adults, helping them decide on the best beards to opt for.

best beard styles for teenagers

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Best Beard Styles for Teenagers

Understated Style

beard styles for boysThis is the perfect look for those young adults out there, who prefer to have a more mature appearance. The style combines sideburns with some hair on the chin, connected to a soul patch, with a neat mustache as a Compliment. Many teenage heartthrobs including the legendary Zayn Malik of One Direction, have preferred this look over many and totally rocked it. It’s one of those styles that add charm regardless of the wearer, so, it’s a great option if you are uncertain about your first beard look.

How to Grow

The style grows itself. All you have to do is keep an eye on the length and shave off the excess hair on the neck and cheek for a cleaner, sophisticated look. Trim off the sides to make a sharp cheek line and carve out the linked soul patch. You are good to go!

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Light Beard

beard styles for young guysThis is an interesting style to choose. Of the many ways to shave the beard, this is by far, the easiest. Simple, rough yet stylish. This can be your look if managing a high maintenance beard is not your cup of tea. A carefree look that brings out a happy personality, try this style to enhance your appearance.

How to Grow

Let your facial hair grow. Keep note of the hair on your neck and the cheek line. However, make sure to make blurry trims and not cut sharp, as the pleasant untidiness is what is in demand for this particular look.

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Short Stubble

beard styles for menThis has become one of the most popular beard styles for young guys, with hit celebrities like Zac Efron and Justin Bieber choosing the style, the cut has become a fashion icon in the ladies’ club. The great news for youngsters is that it doesn’t need fuss and feathers. You can easily maintain the look with very few refreshments, taking mirror time to a bare minimum. This is also one of the very famous beard styles for men.

How to Grow

Grow your beard for a good 7-9 days after which you can start the trimming process. Cut off the hair to a very subtle length to achieve this style. Shave off the hair on your neck and cheek area to focus all your facial hair on the lower part of your face.

The Mustache and Goatee

beard styles for teensThis is a combination serving many purposes and sure as Sun nails the attempt at fashion. The look gives your style a manly boost but at the same time, it conserves the teenage aspect of your appearance, giving the perfect mix for the boy adult.

How to Grow

The style is easy enough to conquer. Initially, let your facial hair grow for a couple of weeks before grabbing your shears. Attack the hair on your sides, jaw, and neck to leave a short amount on the chin and a decent mustache. This the simplest among many ways to shave beard.

The Weary Look

The Weary Look beard styleIs trend-setting your habit? Well, you would definitely love this beard style which screams rogue from afar. Having made its debut by none other than the prince of fashion himself, Zac Efron, the style has captivated the hearts of many. This beard style combines a bushy, full I the hair look with a well-kept cheek and neck line to give a professional yet, outcast appearance. Being one of the easiest to grow beard styles to follow, this look is bound to suit on any face cut and will surely give your personality a new dimension

How to Grow

This look follows the bohemian style, so all that you need to do is let your facial hair grow freely at first. After a bit, take up your clippers and attempt to shape the cheek line to move it lower and shave off the neck hair for a cleaner look. This leaves the bushy beard more focused on your jaw, flowing at random.

The Preppy Boy Look

Preppy Boy lookThis look is more of a high schooler than anything, however, fun loving teenage boys can adopt it as well. The look allows the peach fuzz on the jaw and around the chin to grow at random. This gives off a careless yet stylish teen vibe that is much sought after, among the young gentlemen. The style is also an eye catcher for the ladies, so that might be an added plus for you as well.

How to grow

The look focuses more on the untidy appearance than anything. The style is hence one of the simplest to maintain. Let your beard grow for a good 2 weeks and then trim it using scissors to tame it up a bit. Shave of the cheek area for a cleaner appearance, but let your neck be.

Short Sporty Style

Short Sporty StyleThis style, fusing the circle bead with the chin curtain is an ideal for boys who love sports. Being short and easily maintained, this beard style gives you style as well as comfort. Choose it as your look if you want to be practical, but still want to look cool while playing.

How to grow

The beard can be a bit tricky to start out, however, its maintenance is pretty easy. Let your beard grow for something like a week and then grab your clippers, using them at a higher setting to shape out the circle beard. Adjust the clippers at a finer setting and then proceed to shape out the curtain. Clean off the neck and the cheeks and you are all set for your next sports outing.

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The styles described here are ideal for the adolescent years. The period of teenage life is an adventurous one, with many changes and trends that appeal. Choosing the best beard styles for teenagers may be difficult but the win is, not giving up. Style and restyle your look till you finally hit the jackpot, for then the inner you can truly shine through!

beard styles for teens

beard styles for teenagers


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