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Best Beard Styles for Long hair: Jon Snow Loves Few

Beard styles for long hair may be a bit tricky to pair up, but despair not, because we are here to rescue you from these depths of confusion. Beard styles change just as fashion trends drift from one extreme to another. Here, we round up the latest beard styles for long hair to give you an idea of what’s up and about. Take a look, as any of these styles, may catch your eye to give you a complete 360-degree twist makeover.beard styles for long hair

Before moving on to long hair, why not to have a look at trending beard styles for short hair?

Best Beard Styles for Long hair

Circle Beard:

circle beard with long hair style This is the evergreen beard style, staying popular, year in and year out. This look combines a goatee styled with a mustache to give a circle shape which is very becoming. Many stars including Kanye West, though he has no hair and beard styles for bald guys are for him, still he is best example when it comes to carrying a circle beard as a signature. It can be a bit tricky to manage at first, but it is well worth the trouble later.

How to Grow : Watch Video

Let your hair thrive for a week or two to get the appropriate length of the cut. It is advised to ask for salon services as cutting the sharp lines with accuracy can be difficult. After the initial cut, you just need to trim off the excess hair to keep the beard in check. Your look is complete.

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The Anchor:

Anchor beard with long hair Paired with long hair, the beard styles for long hair is a unique combo of a soul patch with a goatee. This style may not be for everyone, but if it suits you, you are definitely in for a stylistic turn. Very popular with the ladies, the style is the latest short beard styles trend among men of all ages this year.

How to Grow : Video Tut

You need to be very precise to be able to carve this style out. Glow your standard stubble to begin with. Shave out the soul patch and pair it with a shallow trimmed goatee at the bottom. Salon services are advised as it is often hard to get the look perfectly right.

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Extended Goatee:

extended goatee with long hair A favorite among celebrities, this is one of the most demanded beard styles for long hair. Brad Pitt with his long, lank of hair has killed this style. The best part is its versatility as you can alter and modify the components of this look according to your liking, giving you the option of changes within a change.

How to Grow : Video Demo

Grow your beard for a good 3 weeks to get 2-3 inches of hair to work with. Shave off your sideburns and cheek hair to shape out the goatee. Clean your neck area to give a professional flavor. You can either choose to have a mustache or not. Pair the goatee with a soul patch and you are ready to win the show.

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Clearly, there is no end to the possibilities for men with long hair. You can have goatees, short beards, styled ones or any number of other looks based on what goes well with you. Of course, your face cut and your dressing do matter as does the company you are keeping. Professionalism demands one thing, whereas the regular street style plays a whole different tune. Whatever the requirements, the beard styles for long hair are sure to carry you through. Be cautious of the long hair damage, though, as with long hair comes great responsibility.

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