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Best Beard Trimmer Reviews: A Comprehensive List of 10 Best Trimmers

Find Best Beard Trimmer 2018 : One of its Kind Comparison Guide Among 10 Best of The Bests

In simple words,  a beard trimmer is a machine that can be used to trim your beard with ease. Fashion industry has grown at a rapid speed over past few decades hence new machines and instruments were introduced to match up the pace. Beard trimmers are among those machines which facilitate to match the pace with rapidly growing male fashion industry. A number of companies are manufacturing beard trimmers and basic performance of most of the beard trimmers available in the market are satisfactory to its users. Yet there are some operational differences among the different brands, for example, some are cordless, some are having a cord to supply its power. However; it is me who has been deceived by the wrong beard trimmers at least twice a few years ago. I mean, that time, my beard trimmer wasn’t any suitable to my needs.

In order to find out the best trimmers for myself I discuss the matter with my colleagues and friends. What I learnt from them is the scattered piece of information which is not sufficient for selecting a suitable one considering my circumstances. Eventually I typed several words on the Google search. And I have gotten some constructive information regarding beard trimmers of the market. Finally I went through several reviews on the where there are hundreds of positive as well as negative reviews directly from the current users of the said products.

Eventually, I got several useful and decisive reviews on the best beard trimmers which ultimately help me choose the best beard trimmer for stubble by comparing the opinions of the colleagues and friends. In this piece of the article I would just like to share my experiences with you. I think the men with similar requirement for choosing trimmer can find this write-up useful. Here I feel delighted if and when anyone can benefit from sharing of my personal experiences.

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What is the Best Beard Trimmer 2018?

The manly qualities that is admired by most women in a man life, are, notably, a few in numbers, such as physical appearance, social status and professional standing. Meticulous as we are about our career, we can in no way underestimate the values of physical grooming. And it is the shaver or trimmer that plays the pivotal role in Men’s’ Grooming. Definitely the shaver should be A1 for those who love a clean cut or close shave and for cutting your hair you can bank upon hair clippers.

The basic functional differences among shavers, trimmers and clippers can be read here. And those who dreams to have a different look with beard, must own a beard trimmer with higher performance. For preferring trimming to shaving, other causes include skin irritation, ingrown hair and acne. However; the term best trimmer is relative and varying man to man. Not all trimmers perform well because some can snag or scratch on skin. Above all, according to the most users’ reviews on Amazon suggest that the best one be the corded one with much flexibility of use and/or handling.

The Definitive Guide to Best Beard Trimmer 2018 for Men

For the easy making out of the finding from our research on best beard trimmer 2017, we have compiled this guide. As it is the matter closely associate with financial expenses, no words of mine should be granted 100% in the event of actual purchase. But it is our comparative chart (carefully prepared following several hours of research) of top beard trimmers available in the American and/or European markets.

How Do I Find Best Beard Trimmers for me?

To me, the most significant criteria include the bullet points below-depicted. Provided that you buy your beard trimmer following the below-mentioned criteria, your investment in buying beard trimmers would be a cost-effective one. The average life-time for a beard trimmer is around 4-6 years if maintained properly. The basics of identifying beard trimmer and nose hair trimmers is similar. Let’s note those points.

Furthermore; in preparing the definitive guide to best beard trimmer, we specifically take into account the following criteria:

  • Power supply options (Corded and non-corded)
  • Torque of the trimmer
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Availability of Customization options
  • Competitiveness of the  price
  • Quality of the material used
  • Satisfactory customers’ reviews
  • Ratings from the customers
  • Warranty period

The 10 Best Beard Trimmers

Philips has proved itself a market leader in shavers and trimmers industry. With its state of the art technology and market research, they have been able to provide best beard trimming solutions for men for many past years. After our in depth research, we have collected and tested many of their best beard trimmers and what we extracted is presented below.

Philips BT7215/49 – The best beard trimmer with hair removal system

Rating: 3.9/5 , 48% 5 Stars | Price: See On Amazon | Read Full Review Here

Philips BT7215 beard trimmerEquipped with a hair extraction system, the Philips BT7215/49 beard trimmer is capable of recovering up to 90% of the hairs cut at the time of trimming, before they can end up in the washbasin. The DualCut blades and its dynamic cutting guide ensure precise cutting of all types of hair for a uniform result. Different styles of beard are also possible, since in addition to offering 20 settings on its adjustable zoom wheel (from 0.5mm to 10mm), it also has 2 precision detail combs (3mm and 5mm). Can be used both on wire and on battery, it has a comfortable battery timings of 80 minutes (the battery being recharged quickly, in 1 hour).

Our Opinion: The Philips BT7215/49 is a well-designed member of Philips Norelco Beard trimmer Series 7200. With its hair extraction system, which comes complete with a tank that is easy to remove, empty and wash, it offers a more pleasant way to shave, avoiding the tedious task of post trimming activities. In addition, being simple to handle and with a non-negligible number of accessories (including a storage bag), it knows how to bring comfort to your trimming process. Especially : the blades are powerful, they cut clearly, the adjustment of the cutting height is done in a secure manner and the choice is wide. A great success, which allows to bring pleasure to the creation of your particular style of beard.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3500 – Best Value and Best Sellers

Rating: 4.3/5 , 59% 5 Stars | Price: See On Amazon | Read Full Review Here

Although it was originally designed as a special 3-day beard trimmer, the Philips QT4018/49 actually much more than that: thanks to the shoe it is equipped with 20 cutting heights ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm, and it allows to maintain not only famous 3 day beard but also is helpful in trimming any beard length you want. In addition, thanks to its titanium blades, those make trimming smooth and well closer to skin. Usable with or without wire (the battery provides 60 minutes of use for one hour of recharging), it is portable once stored in its travel cover. And even if it is not waterproof, its head is still washable under water, for easy cleaning.

Our opinion  : With its simple and elegant design, and its very low price, the Philips beard trimmer QT4018/49 does not make much choice when it comes to user choice. But, permanence wise it is practical to use, and is definitely a complete professional beard trimmer, and it is easy to understand why it is ranked No. 1 of the best sales on Amazon. In addition to being light and easy to handle, it has very less accessories with good packing box. If you are one of the men who like their appliances focus on the essentials, this johny is the one you need. Probably the best value for money in this category.

Panasonic ER-GB40-S | For Wet/Dry Trimming

Rating: 4.2/5 , 57% 5 Stars | Price: See On Amazon | Read Full Review Here

The Panasonic ER-GB40 is a versatile beard trimmer. Thanks to its adjustable trimmer comb with 20 cutting heights (from 1mm to 20mm), all styles of beard are possible, from the short cut to the maintenance of the full beard styles. Moreover, its blade has a 45 ° inclination, to provide a very practical precision cut. As far as, Maintenance and service question, it is washable with water and has a charging base. Finally, its simple sleek design guarantees an easy grip, even when your hands are wet. An effective device, which easily makes what is expected of it.

Our opinion  : With its small size, the Panasonic ER-GB40 is proving rather handy and fun to use. Although its shaving head also has a smaller proportion (thus requiring a little more time to trim the beard in its entirety), one appreciates its stainless steel blades that know how to be soft with the skin, Removal of the hair residue placed on the front of this head, which facilitates the cleaning of the apparatus. Usable only on battery, we can however downplace it due to recharge time, about 8h, which is really not practical. But by posting a tariff under $50 , we are ready to forgive this small defect, especially when this has also received many best beard trimmer consumer reports .

Philips Norelco Multigroom (QG3330)

Rating: 4.4/5 , 61% 5 Stars | Price: See On Amazon | Read Full Review Here

Like the previous Philips, the QG3330 / 16 is a versatile and multigroom best electric beard trimmer. With its 4 heads and 2 different clogs, it allows to cut the beard to the desired length (up to 18 cutting heights, from 1mm to 18mm), while working its style and having the possibility to get rid of hairs Unattractive to the nose and ears. Although a little long to load, it catches up however thanks to easy maintenance under water and a fast charge function. But it is mainly because of its price that it makes the difference: being very affordable without trimming on accessories or performance, this was the best beard trimmer 2016 and seems like will continue to be best choice for this year aswell.

Our opinion  : If Philips QG3330 / 16 dropped accessories for clipping the hair or that of the body, it remains a beard trimmer multifunctional that knows how to make himself indispensable. Thanks to its multiple heads and clogs, taking care of beard style becomes a real pleasure, especially since these accessories are easily interchangeable between them. If one regrets a little the charge time of 10h (especially that the device only works on battery), one can consoler with the fast charge function which allows about ten minutes of use. Far from being lost in the extras, it is a trimmer that focuses on the essentials yet do the job very well.

Panasonic ER 1611 – The Best Professional Beard Trimmer

Rating: 4.6/5 , 81% 5 Stars | Price: See On Amazon | Read Full Review Here

Originally designed for professionals, this Panasonic ER-1611 beard trimmer is a real gem of technology, especially with regard to its engine. Using linear technology, the trimmer operates at constant force, which means it always offers the same power, regardless of the state of charge of the battery or the density of the hair. Even the blades have been created with care, since they are made of carbon fiber and covered with titanium, to ensure an ultra-precise cut. Finally, with regard to trimming lengths, the choice is wide: the machine has 5 adjustable screws per dial between 0.8mm and 2mm, as well as 3 reversible cushions of 3 / 4mm, 6 / 9mm and 12 / 15mm.

Our opinion  : The Panasonic ER-1611 is probably one of the best rated beard trimmer currently available on the market. The fact that it was originally intended for hairdressers assures us of its quality of operation, and to the use, there is really no reproach to make: its engine never weakens, it slips by itself And sharply and regularly. Among the extras, one can even speak of its ergonomic design which allows a perfect grip, and its storage and charging stand (delivered with the device) which proves very convenient. At more than $150, it is necessarily a beard trimmer that requires a certain investment, but it is also the trimmer that makes us regret not having bought it before!

Remington MB4045 – The best beard trimmer for a long beard

Rating: 4.5/5 , 72% 5 Stars | Price: See On Amazon | Read Full Review Here

The Remington MB4045 is the beard trimmer that best knows how to address bearded men. Thanks to 3 different clogs (a special beard trimmer of 3 days, another for the short beard and one last of size XL), it is able to cut the beard between 0.5mm and 35mm, to adapt to the Maintenance of almost all styles. With its blades in Titanium coating, a clean and regular cut is always guaranteed. But as it aims to become a true beard care kit, it also comes with a pair of stainless steel scissors and a bristle brush. Shaving , trimming and styling the beard: it takes care of everything!

Our opinion: In simple words, there is nothing better than beard trimmer Remington MB4045 available for bearded men in market. Whether at the level of cutting different beard lengths or the rather significant presence of a pair of scissors and a brush, one feels that it was entirely thought to be in the air of time. It is indeed made to please the modern man, who is not necessarily content with a beard of a few days, and who needs a device that can take care of his beard more voluminous in order to keep a pace Presentable, whether at work or in society. If the presence of a carrying case would have been appreciable, its good autonomy and easy cleaning make it definitely a beard mower pleasant to use and that can only recommend.

Remington HC5550 Pro Power

Rating: 4.0/5 , 48% 5 Stars | Price: See On Amazon | Read Full Review Here

Thanks to its professional motor of a power superior to those of the other trimmers available on the market, this Remington HC5600 Pro Power is twice more powerful than its competitors. It also incorporates a Dual Boost system that offers two self-sharpened Titanium blades to trim effectively in any situation. Although its 3-day beard trimmer offers a height of only 1.5mm, it has two guides for hair clipping, the first ranging from 3mm to 21mm while the second covers from 24mm to 42mm. Usable on wire or wireless, it has a consequent working: up to 120 minutes for 4h30 of charge time.

Our opinion  : Unless you’re a fan of the 3-day beard cutting (and only one!), This Remington trimmer is clearly more useful to trim the hair. With its pro motor which proves to be very quiet, its lightweight lithium battery which makes the device handy, and its non-slip grip that provides a good grip, it easily marks points, especially since the guides provided cover A wide range of lengths. But at about $50, and without storage cover or cleaning accessory, it feels more like paying for this professional engine than anything else. It is a good trimmer, admittedly, but that in the same price range is easily competing with other models more complete.

Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Groomer 9818

Rating: 3.9/5 , 51% 5 Stars | Price: See On Amazon | Read Full Review Here

The Wahl Stainless Steel 9818-116 multifunctional lawnmower can both mow its beard, shave its body hair and remove unwanted hair from the nose and ears. Thanks to 3 interchangeable shaving heads and 4 different cutting guides, it provides a good versatility, while offering useful cutting heights, especially for a “3 days beard” style. Equipped with many other accessories to make it more practical (brush and maintenance oil, comb, travel kit), it has especially a powerful battery of 4 hours of use for 1 hour of charge. A nice autonomy which is combined with a fast charging function (1 minute charge for 3 minutes of use, the time of a shave).

Our opinion: The Wahl Stainless Steel is a beard trimmer multifunction beautifully made, to the undeniable quality manufacturing. In addition to being powerful and offering a clear and precise cut, especially thanks to the carbon blade that slips even in the most difficult places of access, its modern and elegant design makes it attractive at first glance. The stainless steel and the brushed metal finish give an impression of robustness, enhanced printing as soon as you start using this mower. Despite a very good autonomy, useful accessories and a mastered versatility, it nonetheless sins by its lack of waterproofing and by cutting guides that could have been better designed. While its price may seem high, it assumes its high-end side by combining efficiency and workmanship.

Philips QG3390 Multifunctional Trimmer

Rating: 4.2/5 , 52% 5 Stars | Price: See On Amazon | Read Full Review Here

In terms of available options and versatility of the device, the Philips QG3380 / 16 mower is the best: it is indeed usable to shave any part of its body. With regard to the beard, in particular, it is possible to choose from 18 cutting heights (from 1mm to 18mm). Autonomy is good with 50 minutes and short charging time (only 1 hour). This mower also features a turbo mode to increase the cutting speed and is 100% waterproof so you can use it in the shower. Finally, the maintenance is reduced to a simple cleaning after each use thanks to the stainless steel blades and self-lubricating.

Our opinion  : With a name like multi-style clipper 8 in 1, one understands immediately that this Philips QG3380 / 16 is needed in all areas. Beard, hair, body hair, it necessarily has a dedicated accessory and we love it! In addition, with its hypoallergenic grid and the rounded tips of the mower, it knows both to be effective while remaining gentle with the skin. If it can be blamed for the hard plastic of these accessories, which risks to be damaged over time, one can not help but get excited for this extremely versatile mower that is effective, efficient, manageable, all Without asking for any financial sacrifice!

Remington PG6171 The Crafter

Rating: 4.2/5 , 52% 5 Stars | Price: See On Amazon | Read Full Review Here

With its multifunctional mower, Remington was not miserly at the level of accessories: in the case, there are 8 cutting guides and 5 interchangeable heads. In detail, for the guides, this represents an adjustable guide (ranging from 2mm to 16mm), five guides with a fixed height (from 1.5mm to 12mm), three other guides intended for the body. And with regard to the interchangeable heads, in addition to the large head mower where the cutting guides are positioned, the device offers another precision, but also a mini-razor head and a head for the nose and ears . What, with its 110 minutes of autonomy (time of charge of 3:30, on base supplied), to have ample time to take care perfectly its whole body.

Our opinion  : With its accessories as if it rained, we can not help thinking that Remington trying in fact to hide the weaknesses of his unit. If it is true that all these cutting guides and interchangeable heads are very practical (there is still a little too much, be careful not to lose!), The truth is that the blades of the apparatus, Narrower than on other models, are not as efficient as they should be. If it does not pose any problem for the beard or the body, to mow its hair is more delicate, and becomes especially a little more tedious. Although it remains effective, we put a big flat on the “multifunctional” side of this mower.

Note: makes no warranties or claims about the accuracy for the data on the chart because all Brand, Model Names and Component names given are the trademarks of their respective companies.

Which Trimmer To Use For What Purpose

To choose the right beard trimmer , it is first important to determine what will be the use that will be made. If most of beard trimmers are satisfied with a classic use, some specialize in servicing a beard style specific while others, on the contrary, multiply accessories offer more than just trimming a beard.

  • The traditional beard trimmer

While talking about traditional beard trimmer, it must be having as many functions available as one can look for in this gadget. So, the conventional beard trimmer must offer a wide range of adjustments, varying settings, good number of accessories for grooming, trimming and then post trimming activities like cleaning, storage and charging. ,etc. If it is the one that sells best, it is because it is the most practical: it does indeed everything to be the most versatile possible in its field. As it only deals with the beard, the brands tend to improve use and comfort by multiplying the options, which ultimately makes them more efficient and pleasant to use.

Our Recommendation:  1. Philips BT7215/49 — 2. Remington MB4045

  • The 3-day beard trimmer

This style of beard recently adopted by a large part of the male population led to beard mowers specializing in the maintenance of this beard for a few days. If this mower never overlooks higher cutting heights (remember that the 3-day beard is about 0.4 mm), it has mostly a dedicated sabot or low cutting heights Correspond perfectly to this size. It is ideal to avoid going through the radical method of shaving: thanks to it, it is easy to give the impression of constantly wearing a beard of 3 days.

Our Recommendation:  1. Wahl Stainless Steel 9818-116 — 2. Remington MB4045

  • The hair and beard trimmer

For convenience, and because the beard trimmers and hair have the same function, some brands have decided to combine them into one device. It is a solution that has quickly seduced many men, who saw the opportunity to settle for a single machine for two different uses. To be successful in both areas, the hair and beard trimmer usually has two clogs, one for the beard and the other for the hair. On these devices, the blades tend to be more powerful since the hair is thicker than the hair of the beard. This is why many lawnmowers are used by professionals in this sector.

  • The multifunction mower

As the name suggests, the multifunctional beard trimmer is the most versatile of all: in addition to caring for the trimming of the beard, it is equally at ease in cutting hair, Body hair, and some even incorporate accessories to remove unwanted hair from the nose and ears. With a good number of different clogs and heads, it is the perfect trimmer for the man who likes to take care of his appearance, but who does not want to multiply the devices. Moreover, what is advantageous is that it is competent in all fields at the same time.

What are The Advantages of Using Beard Trimmer?

Your beard should always be well trimmed, which in return build your confidence as well as mental strength in order to perform better every day. So, shouldn’t we pay due attention in this regards? We can simply bank upon neither the pop-up trimmer included in the most shavers nor hair trimmer for giving the well-groomed bearded look. To me, The solution lies in a professional beard trimmer itself.

Things to Consider in Choosing Beard Trimmer 2018

Well, when we have a look at certain best beard trimmers consumer reports, we can simply enlist below mentioned things to look before buying a beard trimmer.

What is Battery Capacity of the Trimmers?

Suppose you have an appointment at 9 o’clock with a delegate from Japan. You might have forgotten to charge your trimmer at night. You are about to trim. No more trimming is possible due to the exhaustion of electrical power i.e. the charges it preserves. So; this description may be fictitious but we face every day this types of event. That is why; the charge time is a critical factor when choosing the trim machine for home. When we pay a close eye to best beard trimmers consumer reports, its clear that Now-a-days the standard of the charging capacity is better than those of the initial days of beard trimmers. You can find the best beard trimmer 2016 in our comparison chart that takes less than an hour.

What is Attached with Beard Trimmer  package?

Almost every trimmer comes with necessary attachment to make the trimming process easy and customized. The required attachment is set at the head of the trimmers while other have it fitted into the bottom. Your personal needs determine the types of attachment you use while trimming. While purchasing is done, you have to notice the attachments the packages accompany.

Does the Trimmer have Moving Head?

Some of us may feel uncomfortable and pain in skin while trimming or shaving due to the skin sensitiveness. Even one may get irritated in the skin. Whether you have such types of kind sensitiveness or not, you have to be aware of the trimmer have had the moving head. The head will facilitate the shaving or trimming. Sometimes you have to shave close in order to have the precision in trimming. The good trimming/shaving suggests Excellency of performance in the jobs. Most of the branded beard trimmers including those of Philips Norelco and Braun are made of moving heads. The moving head is specially designed to avoid irritating the skin.

What is Trimming solution while Traveling?

Who do not need more or less traveling? Course! All are accustomed to frequent traveling. You may be a student, businessman or service-holder. You have performed to the expectation of the audience. Good performances require that much confidence. And to get the higher level of confidence, your attires, shaving, trimming should be A1. With a view to meeting those edges, carrying an electrical beard trimmer is the best solution. Thus you can avoid carrying safety razor, shaving cream and blade. Considering the above fact, one had better own a good beard trimmer from reliable brand. All- size, price, and operation- are easier than ever. Moreover a branded beard trimmer requires zero maintenance other than cleaning parts after shaving. The trimmers occupy little space in the luggage for the technology used in trimmer manufactures is up-to-date in every respect.  .

The Closing Talk on Best Beard Trimmer

Our extensive study on the different best beard trimmer 2017 according to best beard trimmers consumer reports shows that some users prefer corded to cordless version while I personally experience better with the corded AC power trimmer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any query.Have a manly look for ever!It’s your turn!



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