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Things To Know About Blonde Beards

Beard comes in various sizes shape and color even. So if you are in mood to grow a beard then you should select the size and shape according to your facial cut. So if you more genes of being blonde then the blonde beards should to surprise you at all. Well, being a blonde is erratic and not much people have blonde hair. Blonde beard are quite difficult to maintain but if you know the tips and tricks then you can manage it much better than the dark black beards. Before proceeding further, lets have a look at best beard styles for round face.

blonde beards

Tips to grow blonde beards

  • Blonde beards usually take about 3 months to grow fully. You can’t go for any style with blonde beard until it is fully grown
  • You have to wash the beard at least twice in a week but make sure you go easy on your beard and avoid pulling it robustly
  • Blonde beard hair are quite thin so you must use some natural hair products that will enhance the growth of the beard plus it will make the hair thicker
  • You need to trim the beard at least twice a week because it quickens the growth of the beard. If this is your first time that you are growing beard then you should prepare yourself because you will face great difficulty in eating and drinking. So try keeping a short beard for some time and when you are used to of it then you can go for a longer one
  • To get more over a virile look at least leave 2 cm of hair on the face. Shorter blonde beard does not look manly enough and gives an impression of teenage whiskers . Will this particular beard suits to black men? to know the answer please read beard styles for black men.

If you do not like your blonde beard then you can color it dark. Just go for darker tones that suit on your skin don’t overdo it. Always choose the dye that goes with the head hair too. so chose the color wisely that makes you more mannish instead of girlish.


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