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Things To Know About Chin Curtain Beard Style

Chin curtain beard style  is adopted by some of the famous Bollywood actors like Hrithik Roshan or Shahid Kapoor and it is in vogue since decades. Men with chin curtain look not only stylish but also super cute. People with thin and sharp facial cuts can always go for chin curtain without any hesitation.If you are blessed with a round face then you might be interested in best beard styles for round face.

Chin Curtain Beard Style

Chin Curtain Beard Style

Chin curtain beard style starts from jaw goes from chin and ends at other jaw. Chin curtain surely varies in length and you can keep it as short as you want or as long as you want.

Well, you must be astonished to know that chin curtains holds a background too. it is said that decades back sailors were popular for keeping a chin curtain. Sailors were ordered to wear turtlenecks and keep their neck fully covered along with no facial hair. However, this actually irritated their skin and made it sensitive. So to avoid the sensitivity issues the sailors came up with a brilliant idea of keeping chin curtain and covered it in their turtlenecks. So when they were on leave they removed their turtlenecks and roamed around the city in full swag. The ladies were totally inspired by the chin curtains. Many residents started keeping the chin curtains as well. Black men can have a look at beard styles for black men.

The first person probably to keep the chin curtain was the great Abraham Lincoln. He is the founder of this beard style and the beard is sometimes referred to as Lincoln style.  This is the neatest beard ever with no mustache and no cheek hair. So if you want to keep a beard and the same time maintain a tidy look then go for chin curtain. Just to tell you, that many women are not fond of stubble it irritates their skin but if you so want to keep one then chin curtain is surely the best option. Chin stubble should be washed at least 2 times per week. The extra hair above the lips and on the cheeks must be removed on regular basis. Chin curtain requires a little effort but the results are amazing. This particular beard style can serve well for teenagers, to know what other beard styles can be good for youngsters, please visit best beard styles for teenagers.

So after reading all this, what you think? Chin curtain yes or no? , waiting for the answer in comment section.



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