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Circle Beard Style and How To Grow A Circle Beard

Circle beard style is the one that mist of the men dream about. That is very right that circle beard requires a lot of care and maintenance but once you have nailed it the results are super stylish. Circle beard is adopted by some of the top and famous Hollywood actors like Brad Pitt and Kanye west.

A neat and tidy perfect circle beard will surely be a reason behind a lot of appreciations and many women will be drawn towards to you. Well the perfect combination is the one in which the well-trimmed mustache is paired up with the neat and tidy beard. Well the highlighted part is that the chin area does not have to be in circular form. It can take various shapes of circle like oval or round.

Well, one important part is that this kind of beard does not look good on men with round face and it will make your face look like a football, but dont worry if you have a round face then you can find best style for you in our list of best beard styles for round face.  However, if your facial cut is more over like a square then you are lucky enough to be having circular beard. It makes the face more look more elongated and it softens the edges.

circle beard style

How To Grow And Shape Circle Beard Style

  • First of all let the facial hair grow and do not trim them at all
  • Once the beard is long enough then trim off about 3 to 5 mm, which is an ideal circle beard length.
  • With the help of the trimmer carefully shape the beard. Begin with the oval shape and then move towards the circle
  • While trimming make sure you do not trim the edges sharply. Simply, leave some extra hair so that you can get the exact shape
  • In the end shave off the extra hair on the cheeks and neck. All steps can be watched in this video for better understanding.

One thing to mention here is, we have made this awesome beard style a part of our list of beard styles for black men and best beard styles for teenagers.

Now once you have got the exact shape you should have to be more careful and take care of the beard on regular basis. Shave off the extra cheek and neck hair on regular basis as it will make your beard look stylish and tidy. Circle beard style is indeed the best among available beard styles, one if you are confused with which style to go for.




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