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12 Full Beard Styles Every Beard Lover Must Look At

Full beard styles have always had their fair share of problems for the average man. For one thing, these beard full beard stylesstyles take forever to grow, and even if you do manage to muster enough patience to complete the task, the styling options appear way too limited. In result, not many people opt for this daring look. However, if you, being one of the chivalry have decided to choose this facial hair style, we can be of some help. Having combed through years’ worth of full beard styles 2014 and 2015 included, we have compiled this list of 12 beard styles that will teach you how to grow a beard that is both cool yet simple.

Full Beard Styles For Men

  1. Bandholz

full beard styles 2014This full beard style has a history. It originates from the facial hair enthusiast Eric Bandholz, who has dedicated his life to his love for beards and has created his own name in the world of men facial hair styles, Beardbrand. The beard involves the maximum length which you can possibly grow, coupled with a sharp cheek line and well-maintained mustache that merges with the underlying beard. Yes, it does require patience to achieve, but once fully grown, it is one of those looks that have combined tradition with modernism and will definitely give your personality a unique flavor. Read: Short Beard Styles For Men

  1. The Messy Full Beard

full beard styles for round facesHollywood is full with its own share of daring celebrity’s that rock this messy style. One such name is Matthew McConaughey. The interstellar star has recently been spotted supporting the messy style and it certainly is an eye catcher. Also, a suitable option if you are looking for full beard styles for round faces, the look goes out of the normal trends. 2015 has seen the style rise to popularity and the ascent hasn’t stopped this year either. The look incorporates hair that is close to the chin and yet, sort of jumps about in every direction to give a bit of an unkempt look. Best for the rebellious men out there, the look can do wonders for your style if you manage to pull it off!

  1. Thick, Trimmed Mustache And A Full Beard

Thick, Trimmed Mustache And A Full BeardThe Wolf of Wall Street, who hasn’t seen the blockbuster? Yes, the truly elegant Leonardo DiCaprio portrays the wolf with this style. Taking the full beard styling further, Leonardo managed to manipulate the look by altering the mustache. The style involves a full beard neckline neatly shaved with a low cut cheek line to focus the beard on the jaw. The hair is not cut or trimmed to allow a slightly unkempt vibe, but the mustache is strictly groomed. Two adjacent shortly cut hairlines, extend from the main beard to link the mustache above.

  1. Short Box Beard

full beard trimmingThis is a variant of the full beard that involves a lot of full beard trimming and carving. It lets you achieve the sharply chiseled look that is the flutter of every woman’s heart. The look can be defined as a hybrid of the circle beard and the chin strap, highlighting the lower face by making a sharply low cut cheek line. Besides the high maintenance routine, this look is a guaranteed crowd pleader and will take your style game up several notches.

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  1. Garibaldi

Garibaldi beardIt is your million dollar choice if you want to grow a beard, but don’t want to spend much time shaping and trimming it. It gives a vibe similar to the Bandholz but is shorter. Requiring once in a while maintenance, the Garibaldi beard has a thicker mustache, neatly tailored. The main focus is the beard which should be kept neat at the lower end. As the beard aims to look as natural as possible, styling aids are unnecessary.

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  1. Defined Full Beard

full beard styles for black menWe all know how a full beard is more of a traditional style. However, attempts at styling modifications have made this look more appealing to the modern world. A similar style is the defined full beard, one of the best full beard styles for black men. Celebrities in Hollywood, as well as Bollywood, have tried to capture this unique facial hair style and among the successful names is Hrithik Roshan. The Bollywood Megastar has had a complete makeover, with this beard that has defined edges and cuts. The sharp contrast borders literally scream, HOT! We agree, don’t you?

  1. Natural Full Beard

Natural Full BeardSometimes all the styles in the world cannot compete with the look that God naturally gifted us. Not many people would dare go out with a Eu Naturale beard, but the fearless ones do make a dash. Of those who have managed to pull off this daring beard style is the beard master Jake Gyllenhaal. As with every facial hairstyle he has ever adopted, he has pulled the full beard off with the ease that only Gyllenhaal could muster! However, the look is a bit complicated, despite its name. You need to maintain a delicate balance between tidily natural and a downright disaster. Once you get it, the style can be yours forever.  Read Best beard styles for teenagers.


  1. Handlebar Mustache And Full Beard

Handlebar Mustache And Full BeardIf you need to add an air of maturity or strictness to your appearance, we have the style for you. From the very name, you could imagine what we hope to explain here. Yes, it’s the good old Imperio look that this style builds on. The part of the full beard in this look is supportive, whereas, it’s the mustache which is hosting the show. The handlebar mustache is fully able to grow in about 3 months, but it does require its share of patience. The hair may not always turn the way you want it to, but keep a strong head, things will turn better and when they do you will have a unique sophisticated look to your credit. Look at Best beard styles for black men.

  1. The Arab Look

88460ba18dc8a51356bc9a5ef6bf8314Every nation has certain characteristics and styles that set it apart from others. One such feature is the facial hair styles that Arab men choose to adopt. They seem to make sharply carved cheek lines and defined chin and necklines that give off an alluring vibe. Combining a goatee with a soul patch and the mustache, the different cuts is what makes this style so desirable. Try it out, the look is sure to give you a twist in your personality and has great approval in the ladies club!

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  1. The Professional

The Professional full beardThe style that our business community dies for. Having gained popularity from the one of a kind Fast and Furious star, Paul Walker, this beard style really is the look of a professional. For years, the clean-shaven look was the style of choice in the work industry, with this look, the beard trend is revolutionizing. The style combines a low-cut beard, well-groomed mustache, and a very neat soul patch, the three combined really add to the look of a gentleman and will surely make you look more attractive to the ladies.

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  1. Black Full Beard

Black Full BeardYoung men, in search for a manlier look, is what this style is all about. A thick beard combined with jet black hair can make any man stand out. However, the line between stylish and inappropriate is very thin as not all young players at the beard game can manage this look. On the other hand, if the style does compliment your look, there is no reason to not choose it. Just as the teenage heartthrob Zayn Malik of One Direction, adopt the style, and step out to slay the entire world with your look! Bald guys can find few beard styles for bald guys.



  1. Salt and Pepper Beard

salt and pepper full beard stylesThis style targets gentlemen of the older age. Are you tired of dying your hair continuously? We have a style that could be your savior! The salt and pepper beard aims to nullify the whites in your beard. Don’t be ashamed of those salt crystals, instead, show them off against the pepper of your natural hair color. It may be a bit difficult at first, but regular grooming, styling and adjusting those hairs at the right spot can rid you off the regular hair dying episodes. Try it out! The style will add another dimension to your personality, a dimension that you will most certainly adore.


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This long list of full beard styles 2015 and 16 that we just presented is well researched and incorporates the most popular beard styles of recent years. If you have a desire for a full beard, or are on the hunt for a unique style, these 12 simple yet cool, full beard styles for men can be your guide. One thing that you must keep in mind is the patience and consistency that you need to have in order to pull off any of these styles. There may be tantrums and frustrations along the way but remember, with great beards comes great responsibility.


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