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10 Key Health Benefits Of Having A Beard

Beards are all about being a man and looking handsome. If you have not yet decided to let it grow, that may be because you don’t know the health benefits of having a beard.  Normal perception about beards is we grow them for aesthetic reasons, reflecting our personality. This may be the biggest reason you use them, but do not forget the benefits you surely have not thought about yet. One of the most important and I think the majority can agree with me is that  you are not going to use blade on your skin so often, which is an advantage of beard in itself. Have a look at best beard styles for black men.

But, did you know that thee are health benefits of having a beard? Yes, you heard that right. If you want to know what they are, continue reading!

Health Benefits Of Having A Beard

Health Benefits Of Having A Beard

1.- Serves As A Shield Against Respiratory Diseases

These diseases during the winter season are usually a headache, but quiet, no problem if you have enough hair on your face, but how does it work?

Simple, beard and mustache will help you keep your body temperature elevated by giving you a cover, just like as if you will always carry a scarf to protect you from the cold, in this way you are less vulnerable to catching a cold.

2. Reduces Symptoms of Allergies Such As Asthma

You ask yourself how and why? Answer is, keeping a beard help reduce symptoms.

Well, according to medical experts, particles of dust, pollen, smoke or smog are detonators to start developing the annoying symptoms that are associated with asthma.

That’s where your beards could be the solution, because it will act as a barrier to prevent all these particles from reaching your respiratory system, but do not forget to clean it!

3.- You Will Not Have Your Face Irritated Anymore

The shave produces a lot of irritation on the face because of the amount of skin that you are removing with each shave by a best beard trimmer, it is also necessary to mention that in many occasions you end up getting cuts on your facial skin. If you reduce the frequency of shaving, you are helping the skin take its rest and repair the damage caused by the friction of the blade.

Also to be mentioned, that you will not have to buy them so often, that would also add a saving for your pocket.

4.- Protects You From Skin Cancer

Skin is a sensitive part of body which is normally exposed to the sun. Especially your face skin due to having no cloth cover. Bead serves as a cover to you facial skin. As this damage is accumulated excessively in our skin, we may be facing the imminent risk of developing melanoma or carcinoma, more frequently appearing on the face, ears and hands. It is there that we see the advantages to health, to carry a little more hair on the face, because it will act in the area where it grows, as a shield against the rays of the sun.

5.- Helps To Slow Down The Aging Process

The most notorious sign of aging skin will be its flaccidity, the appearance of lines of expression on the face. The most determining factor for it to appear is still excessive exposure to the sun.

As facts of men with beards tells you that facial hair can block almost 90% of the sun’s rays, is a very considerable number, you must start to worry about your skin. Thinking about how to stop aging is no longer just a matter of women and your beard can help you to look younger and more careful.

6.-Retains The Natural Moisture Of Your Skin

Another health benefits of having a beard is that your beard serves as a mask to prevent the skin from being dislodged by external factors such as air, cold, sun and pollution of the environment, causing you to begin to lose the natural oils that your skin produces. Among the benefits of beard oils used for beard care is provision of excellent moisturizing for your skin, if you look at it well, you simply gets two benefits in one factor. Because letting it grow will not only help the skin not lose its natural moisturizing but also the products you use to care for it provide extra moisture, helping to combat dryness.

7.- Prevent You From Developing Folliculitis

Frequent shaving without proper sanitizing can cause your hair follicles to become infected and infected, causing pimples to appear on the face. This causes pain and itching, usually on top of the upper lip.

It could be avoided if you delayed the shaving. As time is one more reason to let you grow hair.

8.- Avoid Ingrown Hairs

And who has not happened? It’s those painful, incarnate hairs that you do not know how to remove them and that also give your skin a bad look. You should know that the reason why these stays there is because when you look for a shave flush, you start to do it in the opposite direction to hair growth. This causes the hairs to take a curved shape causing them to become embedded again in the skin, producing an inflammation as the hair begins to grow, for which you will suddenly require antibiotic treatment and you will have to avoid shaving as long as Take us recovery.

Suffering from ingrown hairs may be very common in men who get very thick and curly hair. This would not happen if they got used to letting it grow from time to time.

9.- You Will Have More Free Time For You And Your Social Circle

Herbert Mescon, professor and head of the dermatology department at the Boston University School of Medicine, mentions that, on average, man spends nearly 139 days of his life shaving.

That is a considerable time, considering that you can use that time to perform some physical activity that helps improve our health, or being able to share with your friends and family which generates much emotional and mental well-being.

Quality of life is very important and spending time on very enjoyable activities will put stress-related illnesses away from you. Do not shave and take advantage of that time to go jogging in the mornings.

10.- Prevent Your Skin From Sticking To The Sun

The part of the face, neck and hands is the area most sensitive to sun spots, and this can happen because sometimes you can forget to apply the blocker before leaving home. The sun does not discriminate gender, because it stains the skin of men and women alike.

The spots on the face can become difficult to disappear, so it is better to prevent them, and the hair on your beard could help with this.

If you want to shelter yourself, if you need to protect yourself from the sun, if you want to let your skin rest for a while from the razor blades, its better to try  a beard with some good beard styles.

Health benefits of having a beard is a never ending topic, you may think many more and even can contribute with us but our article terminates here. You can find few best beard styles for teenagers also. This will be very important for you to continue enjoying the benefits of beard by taking care of your beard instead of making it a headache.


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