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Hipster Beard Style and How To Grow Hipster Beard

The true hipster beard style is recognized with a long shabby beard and they look more mannish with stubble rather than without it. The beard becomes the identity only when it is properly trimmed and it fits completely on the facial curves. Clean shave is totally out of vogue now and men prefer to keep a beard because it not only makes them mannish but also hot and chic. Men are more drawn towards the hipster style beard. The beard is the hallmark for the hipster look.

hipster beard style

History and How To Grow A Hipster Beard Style

Now let’s get into some history of who actually hipsters were. In the beginning of 1950’s the hipsters emerged into NY. They were making their mark with their behavior and shabby looks. After sometime the hipster were spread to almost every corner of the America and it felt like the country is under hipster attack. With the passing years the hipster beard trend became popular and almost every other men was seen with hipster styled beard. Even in the 21st century men are still crazy about the hipster stubble. Want to read something more then have a look at best beard styles for round face.

Well growing hipster beard style is quite easy unlike others. In order to grow the hipster stubble you must first grow the full beard and then read some tips and tricks that are essential for growing hipster stubble. Beard takes at least a month to two until a point is reached where the beard does not look like extra facial hair. When you are in phase of growing a beard make sure you look neat and tidy all the time. Do not forget to trim the extra neck hair until the beard has grown long enough to hide them. Also work on the mustache as well. The hipster beard looks scruffy so a regular trim is required. Do not forget to visit the professional barber at least once in every two weeks as hipster beard requires a lot of trim and maintenance. Wash the beard every morning and try to apply less wax and gel. You can also use some branded beard care products that are really useful. Can this serve as an ideal style for black men, to know the answer read beard styles for black men.


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