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Homemade Beard Balm Recipe: Learn To DIY At Home

Growing a beard is always in fashion and will continue for years to come but When you have a rebellious beard, you need beard balm to handle it. Beard balm is a moisturizing agent that helps to make a beard smooth, itch free and better looking. Though there are many best beard balms available in the market, but when you are on budget it becomes difficult to get a quality one. So, why not to make a balm at home? Yes, you read it right, we have brought homemade beard balm recipe for you. By following this diy beard balm recipe, anyone can prepare a balm at home.

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Homemade Beard Balm Recipe

Ingredients For Homemade Beard Balm Recipe

You need below mentioned ingredients for this easy beard balm recipe.

  1. Virgin Bee Wax  – 2 gm (Buy Here)
  2. Shea Butter – 5 gm  (Buy From Amazon)
  3. Coconut Oil – 3 gm  (Buy Now)
  4. Hemp Oil – 3 gm   (Buy It Here)
  5. Jojoba Oil – 3 gm  (Get It At Amazon)
  6. A drop of Vitamin E (optional)
  7. Essential Oils: rosemary, cedar and lemon
  8. 1 empty and clean container
  9. 1 glass bowl

How To Make A Beard Balm : Step By Step Process

Now let me tell you how to make a beard balm in simplest possible steps.

1. Break bee wax in small pieces and Place into  a bowl along with shea butter and coconut oil.

2. Put the bowl to heat on low flame, stir well to avoid overheating and all ingredients to mix well.

3. When all ingredients are completely melted remove the bowl from the fire.

4.  Add hemp and jojoba oils and mix well.

5. Place aside to get cool a bit but keep in mind not to let it solidify much, then add 5 drops of each essential oil and vitamin E capsule. Mix well again.

6. Pour the mixture into the container you have chosen and place it in the refrigerator for a few hours so that it solidifies evenly. Your homemade beard balm is ready.


– When you add the essential oils in step 5, mix well and take into account the result obtained. Not all essences are equal in quality and the result will depend on the brand you choose. If it does not convince you or one of the oils prevails too much, adjust the quantities. Keep in mind that lemon essential oil is a good corrector when this happens.

– Shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil are super moisturizing fats and very well tolerated by the skin, so they will be absorbed by nourishing deeply the hair of the beard.

How To Apply Beard Balm

Now when you have made your beard balm using this coconut oil beard balm recipe, its time to apply this. :-

To apply beard balm, just rub the product with your fingers and smear the tips or hair in general, as you prefer. Be careful if your mane is smooth and / or prone to grease, because this formula can give you more weight, reducing volume and increasing the sensation of oily hair. In this case, I advise you to use this balm as a pre-wash treatment, and then go through the shower.

With this, we are over with easy and simple Homemade Beard Balm Recipe , try this and we will wait for your feedback and suggestions for improvements.




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