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What Is Patchy Beard And How To Fix A Patchy Beard

This small piece of content is to answer a basic question “how to fix a patchy beard. Before that, lets talk little about what is a patchy beard.

No matter how hard a man wants at some point he ends up having a patchy beard. In this particular beard, hair grows a some parts of the face but aren’t seen thick enough at other parts of the face. This leave some vacant patches without hair on cheeks and hence known as patchy beard. This issue is normally seen in teenagers at their early days of facial hair growth, so if this happens to teenagers they may try following best beard styles for teenagers.

About half of the men struggle a lot with beard because they want to get the Brad pit look but they end up having a total opposite look. Well this is not something to worry about because we have some instant and easy ways to turn up a patchy beard into something nice heavy and thick beard. The main thing to remember is that the hair of your face and that of your hair are more over similar.

how to fix a patchy beard

How To Fix A Patchy Beard

  • The factors that affect the growth of your hair on your head also affect the hair of the beard. Hair needs enough nutrients and vitamins to grow. There are many artificial ways to enhance the growth but natural ways should be given top priority.
  • The best thing to feed your hair are the vitamins, so look for food that contains vitamins like niacin (B3), panthothenic acid(B5), ascorbic acid (Vitamin-C), folic acid (B9) and also vitamin A. if your body is getting the appropriate ratio of all these vitamins then they will balance the testosterone levels in your body as lower levels leads to patchy stubble.
  • Men who really want to have a thick beard then they should do some skin care remedies at home. The eucalyptus mask is very beneficial. It scrapes off the dead skin thus allowing the hair to grow freely.
  • Buy creams that are rich in vitamin B and if all this fails then opt for the testosterone therapy.
  • On the other hand those men who have very low levels of testosterone then they go for the plastic surgery. In this surgery the hair cuticles are implanted in the skin and from the hair grow.

This marks the end and hope till now you have found answer for how to fix a patchy beard? If still all this fails or if you do not want to go for any of the above mentioned procedures then you should change your mind and keep a simpler version of beard like chinstrap, soul patch or goatee. At the end I would like to suggest you few thin beard styles from our catalogue.

In case you are confused to select a beard style with patchy hairs then have a look at patchy beard styles.


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