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How to Properly Trim a Beard In 3 Simple Steps

How to properly trim a beard is a skill that can come naturally to some men, however, can be quite a cause of frustration for others. Many beard styles require specialized techniques and an understanding of the different tools How to properly trim a beardfor correct shaping and styling, something that newbies at this game find difficult to handle. Let alone the amateurs, there are certain styles that even grown men hesitate to carve out. For instance, many men don’t know how to properly trim a long beard. Simple as it may sound, knowing the proper way to trimming the vast variety of styles is no joke. Today, we elaborate on certain basics for your especial benefit which you can follow in order to gain a steady hand at this task.

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How to properly trim a beard

Tools Required:

Before you can get to the actual trimming part, you need to first familiarize yourself with the tools that shaping beard will require. Highlighting the obvious, you will need a brush or comb for the tangles, some highly efficient and on point clippers that are sharp and precise, with multiple settings to suit different purposes, a pair of scissors to make out the details and some moisturizer to finish off the final look. Setting out, you first need to make sure your beard is thoroughly brushed out as any tangles could potentially misalign the beard style that you are going for.

From Where To Start:

Once you are ready, grab the clippers and start off. Some choose to start at the neckline, but we prefer tackling the beard first, as a lesser bush on the face will definitely give you a clearer area to work on later. An added tip is to attempt this trimming episode when your facial hair is dry as this allows you to work on your normal appearing hair and length. Continuing on, there are many beard styles that one can choose at this point. Talking about how to properly trim a short beard, for instance, you will need to adjust the setting of your clippers at a standard 4, initially. Once you start growing the style out you can progressively increase the number to give a more tapered effect. Before proceeding further, please have a look at beard styles names.

For the detailing, grab the pair of scissors to add preciseness to the style you are carving out. It will take you some attempts at first, but it’s this practice that will ultimately make you perfect at this skill. After the beard part, move on to the mustache and here again, the first thing you do is properly comb the hair out, and use the clippers with the appropriate setting to shape them according to your need. A thing to keep in mind is to remember to trim all hair that hangs over the upper lip to give a neat effect. This comprises the face part of the beard style. However, the second part, the clearing part, still remains.

How To Give A Final Touch:

In this half of the trimming process, you need your clippers again. Adjust the settings to lower number and move on to the task at hand. Many people have difficulty in doing this simple maneuver and how to properly trim a beard neckline is one of the most frequently asked questions by newbies. The task isn’t as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is slowly set your clippers at a smaller setting every time you move down to give yourself a gradient look. Remember to stretch the skin in this area as it helps a lot to have a wrinkle free surface to work on. Read: How to make your beard grow fast.

Final Words:

Having done all these steps, do remember to apply a moisturizer on your beard as this will give your precisely and neatly cut beard style, the sophisticated look you always desired. It is understandable that you may not get the hang of the trimming process overnight. It takes time and loads of practice to know how to properly trim a beard. Needless to say, many grown men still fail to satisfy themselves with their beard trimming skills. However, following the above guidelines can take you far in the trimmers world. So keep the faith, grab your tools and make your way to the beard trimming war zone!

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