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Goatee Beard and How To Shave A Goatee

Lets start our small guide about goatee beard style and how to shave a goatee at home.

Goatee beard style is the kind of beard style that was linked with some demons and evils. Also in the immemorial times goatee was thought to be used to call vamps and demons but all these were a myth. Goatee has become the most popular beard style and it is adopted by some of the top rated actors. Johnny Depp was the first male actor ever to keep a goatee and from where the men started keeping it without any hesitation. The boundaries of the goatee are vertical with some hair beneath the lower lip. The men with elongated face can keep it because it softens the edges while giving an ovular look to the face. Goatee is perfect for most of the face cuts so anyone can try it. Beard plays a very pivotal role in giving a shape to your face. Beard also changes the overall look of your personality so before going for any beard style make sure to choose the beard style wisely. Will goatee beard suits teenagers? to know the answer just read best beard styles for teenagers.

how to shave a goatee

Beard does not grow overnight so you have to wait patiently for at least 2 to 3 months until the final style appears. Goatee needs a lot of trimming but before that you have to let the beard grow properly because only then you will be able to make the perfect edges and cuts for goatee. For keeping a goatee you need to shave the cheeks, neck and the area above the lip because a goatee has no hair on these 3 areas. The good thing is that goatee can be with or without the mustache. So for those men who think that they look bad without a mustache can now keep a goatee with mustache as well. Goatee can be styled accordingly. The chin section can be kept long while cutting the mustache thin and vice versa. The beard should always be tidy and properly trimmed. A stylish beard always adds a plus point to your personality. Read: Best beard styles for round face.

How To Shave A Goatee

Let Your Facial Hair Grow. When it comes to how to shave a goatee, 1st of all you need to grow your facial hair to a particular length. Grow all available hair at your face like under chin, on neck, on cheeks and below nose. It must be a bushy look before you start with trimming process.

Shave the outline. Start from your neck by making small cuts with a trimmer blade. Work your way around your chin and up your cheeks until you have the basic outline of what you want your goatee to look like.

  • You’ll probably want the outline to start about an inch above your Adam’s apple on your throat. This may feel a bit long, but you will always be able to shorten it slightly if you don’t like the way it looks. If you shave too close too soon, you will have to wait to grow that back. Goatee style is also included in our small list of beard styles for black men.

Shape Your Goatee. After trimming the beard to make an outline, now its time to shape it. Tools are must when it comes to how to trim a goatee evenly. You must be having a clean, sharp razor or beard trimmer to achieve best results.

  • Before trimming, comb your facial hair and even making them smooth by using good beard shampoo will also bring good results.
  • Make sharp, clean corners at the jawline.
  • Get the right width. A typical goatee will be about the same width as your mouth. You can help to define this width by smiling. Use the creases from your dimples to better judge where the edges of your goatee should be.
  • No matter what kind of goatee you’re shaping, make sure that both sides match symmetrically. Every few minutes, stop what you are doing and check in the mirror to make sure things are even on every side.

Here we conclude the answer to a famous question i.e how to shave a goatee. Hope this will help our readers and bring good results to them.



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