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How to Trim a Beard Neckline In 5 Simple Steps

How to trim a beard neckline may seem easy to some, but may be quite difficult for others. Clearly, shaping out How to trim a beard necklinea beard style involves a number of things to keep in mind, from making the first cut to cleaning of the neck hair. Even one step out of place can ruin the entire look for you. This is why such a lot of focus is put on learning how to shape a beard neckline. There may be many tutorials on the web that you can find explaining about the different ways and styles to do it. However, it is the basics that are overlooked so frequently. To polish these basics, we have taken to breaking down all the steps to the very start in order to give you precise instructions about this part of cutting out a beard.

How to trim a beard neckline:

A beard neckline can be a very important part of the overall look. As long as you are maintaining a short stubble, you may get away with a bit of overgrowth here and there, but for a perfectionist look, clearing of that neckline is a necessity. So, you may want to grab your trimmers for we are going to give you the step by step guide to getting that rough patch under control for a cleaner, more presentable look. Explore: Best Beard Styles for Teenagers

-Step 1, The starting line:

This could be easily the toughest part of learning how to trim beard, neckline for most people miss the real starting point and end up going either too high or too low. In both cases the beard will not look professional, instead, the misplaced neckline could take away the look of the real beard itself. So, where is that starting line? For a rough estimate, it can be imagined as an imaginary straight line, going just below the chin as you stare straight ahead at the mirror. Any hair below this line are in the red zone and will have to be trimmed off. Read: Best Beard Styles for Round Face

-Step 2 of How to trim a beard neck line, The lower end

Once you have made out the starting point, the ending line still needs to be delineated. To find it, simply tilt back your head as you gaze in the mirror and locate your Adam’s apple. This is the point where your beard naturally tapers off and will be your reference point for where to finish the neckline. Look at Beard Styles Names

-Step 3, The trimming part

To start with the trimming process, it is best to begin at the center and then work your way out. Try to handle hair on one side first instead of going off in a haphazard fashion. At all times, make sure that you stay out of your jawline, as this is not part of the neck and a slight nick could show up on your face to destroy the beard style. Once you are done with one side, return to the middle and start off again to the other side keeping the aforementioned steps in mind. It is best to go for a slight up curve, as a neckline that is too round seems more artificial than becoming. Read: How To Make Your Beard Grow Fast


-Step 4, Defining the corners

Once you are done with the neck, next step in how to trim a beard neckline is to make out the corners of your beard style. They are pretty easy, as all you have to do is trim out a straight vertical line from the earlobes, and extend it down to meet the horizontal neckline that you just made. You can either make these corners square, which takes your beard towards the rogue and stylish criteria, or you could simply round them off for a simpler and more sophisticated look. Find: Beard Styles For Black Men

-Step 5, Finishing it off:

Once you are done with the above steps, only the cleanup remains. If you are happy with the neckline job, proceed to shine it with your shaver to give that clean look that any man could be proud to wear. This makes sure that your neckline looks neat and doesn’t grow back as fast as it would with a trimmer. Best Beard Styles for Long face

Taking into consideration the aforementioned, detailed steps, how to trim a beard neckline, should not be a question anymore. You can simply follow the steps, one by one to easily achieve the neckline that you always wanted. Of course, it might require some practice at first, but once you have done it a couple of times, doing it with eyes closed will seem all too easy!

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