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How To Use Beard Oil: The Simplest Guide

How to use beard oil, a simple yet comprehensive guide.

When roaming around and noticing bearded men, we tend to differentiate or favor one beard to another. Regardless of how handsome, good looking, or well fit the guy is, there is something attractive and appealing to the beard per se that makes people look back or stare. Nonetheless, not every beard possesses that magnetic social power. Beard oil is in fact a major factor in defining which facial hair is socially and presentably accepted or not. Before applying we all need to know how to use beard oil and that’s what we will talk about here in this post.

how to use beard oil

What Is A Beard Oil

Beard oil is more like a double agent if you like, it takes care of the look of your facial hair, rendering it shiny and maintaining its shape, and it also moisturizes the skin underneath. As you grow your beard, it becomes gradually itchy, which is an obvious normal reaction when your facial hair is actually drying up your skin. In other words, you need to provide your beard with the sufficient nutrients in order to prevent it from sucking up your skin. How do you do that? No need for me to answer that. Well I am going to answer anyway; beard oil is your facial savior in this case. Hence, if you want to keep a healthy skin and preserve a presentable good looking beard, you are in desperate need to add beard oil to your day to day uses. Other than beard oils, another item required for expert beard grooming is beard trimmer, you can find best beard trimmer.

It Helps To Tame and Shape Your Beard     

All bearded men get irritated with hair flakes and would do anything to line them up with their beard shape. Well, few beard oil drops can easily get rid of those flakes and tame any flying away hair. It provides the ensemble of your beard with certain constraints that make is difficult for flakes to reveal themselves. I know that it does not provide the same effect as a beard wax will do, but applying beard oil regularly will definitely soften your hair and bring those wandering hairs to order. Of course the longer your beard is the more urgent the situation becomes, and if you do not maintain your beard in shape, you will sooner witness facial disorder as if a cat has been messing with your beard all night. The concept will probably sound cute, but I can assure you, the appearance is just painfully ugly.

Why use beard oil?

In the same way that we use specific products to care for our hair, and not the shower gel we use for the body, the beard also requires care. There are many factors that attack our facial hair throughout the day: the wind, the cold Or the hardness of water can mistreat the hair of the beard cracking, opening the tips, turning it In scourge and with a scruffy and sloppy appearance.

I’ll give you 3 basic reasons why you should use beard oil:

– Hydrates facial hair and skin underneath your beard

Its double action makes it a necessary product for any bearded man, since in addition to moisturizing and facilitating beard molding, it also moisturizes the skin on which facial hair grows. As noted in the article beard grooming tips ,  the beard growth tends to dry the skin which can cause flaking and itching. That is why it is so important to hydrate the area well.

– Eliminates the dandruff of the beard, it prevents itching and hair fall

Carrying a beard is not as easy as it sounds and there are certain “nasty” situations that we can encounter. The first one: the dandruff of the beard. This is due to the scales I commented in the previous point. The second: open ends, hair that grows with 2, 3 or more heads. And the third: the hair fall due to the weakness of this. With the beard oil we can finish them, as it moisturizes and strengthens. In addition, thanks to its texture facilitates the molding of our beard and the rebellious hair is domesticated.

-Provides freshness and pleasant scent

Depending on the composition of the oil and natural essences with which it is formulated aromas oil may vary and there is a wide range of scents to choose, which ultimately will provide freshness and pleasant scent all around you

When should you apply the beard oil?

If there is a best time to apply beard oil that is certainly when your pores are more open and receptive, such as after the shower or washing your face. As I told you to keep our skin moisturized and our beard is essential for the good health of this.

If you have a very dry and rough beard, I strongly recommend that you use the oil daily, right after an intense beard wash. For the rest of the beards, although it would not be necessary to apply oil every day, I would also recommend it: you will strengthen and heal your beard more, obtaining the best possible result.

How to use beard oil?

It really is very simple. It is not intended that you wear a greasy beard full of oil and you look like a street lamp with your shine, nor will you go to practice Turkish wrestling.

So with three or four drops, a light massage and a few seconds you’ll have it set to rock the world:

  1. Apply three to four drops of beard oil in your hand.
  2. Rub your hands to impregnate them with the oil. Thus, thanks to the heat the aromas of the oil will activate and intensify.
  3. Massage your beard and skin with your hands reaching all corners. If you have a very long and very thick beard, I recommend you start with the chin part and try to get the oil to reach the length of your beard hairs.
  4. Shape your beard with your hands or with a special beard brush. Now you have it carefully, combed and perfumed!
  5. Do not get the wrong assumption that effectiveness rely on how proportionate the amount is. Just make sure to use a comb so as to evenly reach every part of your beard.

Now that you have adjusted your facial look, enjoy the fragrance your beard oil produces.

With this, our small guide on how to use beard oil comes to an end. Your feedback gives us motivation to offer even better services and you can even suggest your own methods on how to use beard oil.

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