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Key Features to Look for Before Purchasing a Beard Trimmer

Sometimes it can be a bit confusing when looking for the best beard trimmer to meet your beard shaving needs. This is because there are many beard trimmers in the market that come with various features and designs. Before you consider which trimmer to purchase you should know what defines the best beard trimmer for you.

Key Features to Look for Before Purchasing a Beard Trimmer

1. Comb Setting

This is an important feature for every beard trimmer as it determines the length of your beard. Make sure your beard trimming device has the appropriate settings if you intend to keep a thick, long beard. If you intend to have a stubble look, make sure the trimmer you purchase has the length settings that are small enough to give you the beard length you desire.Some models in the marketplace have detachable heads designed specifically for the stubble look. For this reason, keep your eyes open for this type of a model if this is the style you prefer. Additionally, there are some electric groomers that come with 6 to 9 lock-in settings that allow you to adjust the length to suit any beard style you desire.

2. Maintenance

The best beard trimmer should be easy to clean and maintain. You do not need to invest in a beard trimmer that will depreciate in quality over time. Therefore, look carefully for cleaning or maintenance features. Some of the beard trimmers are supplied with their own oil which needs to be applied after every shave. Some are washable meaning that you can get the hair out easily, while some have self-sharpening blades. It all depends on your needs and usage requirements. For example, maintenance may not play any vital role if you are not going to shave your beard frequently. However, if you are shaving your beard frequently, you might pay special attention to maintenance.

3. Styling Features

If you are going to shave your beard without making fancy styles or patterns, you will not be interested in a beard trimmer with multiple attachments. You may only want to detach the comb on your trimmer and use a regular attachment to make the edges of your beard look neat. The possibilities are endless.If you are looking to keep a stubble or goatee beard style, make sure the trimming device you purchase has the ability to adapt to your beard. Look for one that has detachable heads (that allow you to switch between heads for your specific style), and the regular head for normal shaving.

4. Corded or Cordless

If your bathroom has a shaving socket, get a corded beard trimmer. However, a cordless trimmer may be the best option if your bathroom doesn’t have a suitable shaving socket. Whichever beard trimmer you are going to choose just make sure it fits the beard style you desire.

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