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12 Long Beard Styles Every Beard Lover Must Know

Long beard styles have always been preferred by those desiring a manlier look in their personality. These beard Long beard stylesstyles have had their share of the limelight, being popular far and wide in the early 21st century. With the revival of almost every style in the book, the long beard styles for men are once again, on the rise. Many gentlemen are now choosing to go for this look and this is why we have come up with all the latest long beard styles 2015 and 2014 included, our roundup features all the popular long beards that have hit the fashion world, to give you a wide variety of options to choose from. Read: Full Beard Styles

Long Beard Styles For Men

Hipster Beard:

long beard styles for menThis beard style is best suited for those who look to carry a more runaway kind of a look. It does give off a rough look but if handled properly, it can give you a unique air that is sure to make your inner self, shine. Combining a full beard tamed to a slightly shorter length along with a stylish mustache, this beard style is a one of a kind. Pair the look with a sophisticated hairdo and your style game will definitely escalate. However, the long beard maintenance requires patience and commitment and may not be every person’s cup of tea. The neck area needs to be constantly shaved and the cheek line and mustache require regular touch-ups. Otherwise, this stylish facial hairstyle may go wild! Explore: Short Beard Styles

Van Dyke:

long goatee stylesThe Van Dyke gained its fame from the iron man star Robert Downey Jr. Since then the beard style has become the dream of every man. However, the problem with this style is that it doesn’t suit everyone. Comprising of three steps, a goatee with a soul patch and a mustache, the look screams to stand out in a room. You can play with your basic style as well. Just alter the length of the goatee, as long goatee styles are the most stylish options nowadays. If the beard suits, this look can really give your personality a 360-degree turn.

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The Classic:

long beard groomingSome of you may find it difficult to decide on how to fill in your beard. For those of you, the classic beard style may be an excellent option to choose. The great thing about this style is that it suits every face cut and looks becoming as well. However, there is a very faint line between making this look stylish and going overboard and does demand its share of long beard grooming. Combining the standard beard with a well-trimmed mustache, the look can be a real head turner. Many Hollywood stars have taken to the red carpet supporting this look. One such star is George Clooney, who has wowed his fans with his strong beard game. You should give it a try too, as this is one of those long beards that suit everyone!

The Defined Beard:

how to fill in your beardRecently gripping the fashion world by storm, this look has become the hot choice for many actors and models. The style shapes a very low cut, defined cheek line to focus the beard more on the jaw. A soul patch adds grace to the whole look with a sharply cut mustache that adds an air of preciseness to the whole style. Grading up to the sideburns to give a linear gradient, makes a high appeal in the ladies club. However, the look does require frequent visits to the salon for maintenance, but trust us, the style is worth every minute.


The Fuller Goatee:

long beardsThis look dates back to olden times and is one of the styles that have resurfaced this year. Many names of Hollywood as well as Bollywood have chosen to carry this look and have performed miracles with it. Big names like Abhishek Bachchan have carried this look and have done so with style. The style incorporates a thick goatee full with hair and a thick soul patch to finish the pairing. The style states elegance and is your option if sophistication is more your game. It will certainly gain you some admiring looks from the feminine side, taking your fashion game up with the ladies.

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The Thinner Goatee:

long beard styles 2015While the thicker goatee suits the older gentlemen, the thinner goatee targets the younger population. A very thin goatee is paired with an equally thin soul patch coupled with a very precisely cut cheek line and subtle sideburns. The look is very easy to adopt and is one of the best styles for the younger generation. If you are looking for a new style this is certainly your best go.

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The Kimbo:

Kimbo Slice beard style for black menOriginating from the legendary street fighter, Kimbo Slice, the look aims to portray the striking air of the fighter himself. The style carry’s a full beard with slight shearing here and there to make it more presentable. We have to add, the look is not for everyone as very few can muster the strength to carry this look with confidence. Made to grow in every direction, the hair is trimmed to tame the beard and make it more presentable. If you are fierce enough to carry it, do give it a try!

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The Ducktail Beard:

The Ducktail BeardThe shape of this beard gives rise to the weird name of this beard style. Featuring an inverted beard that flicks off in a unique tail, the style does have a different look to it. However, the style has a 50/50 chance of suiting your facial contours, but if it does, it is sure to stick with you for long.

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Extended goatee:

long goatee beard stylesThe hottest style on the red carpet so far, this look has slain many. Brad Pitt with his luxurious lank of long hair has killed the look and done it with style also. Among the many long goatee styles, this look is open to modifications and gives you the option of choosing different versions of the style. Pair it with a soul patch or opt for the mustache, it is your wish. You have our word, the look will be a real charmer.

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The Textured long beard:

Textured long beard Comprising of a coarse, curly beard, the look features a beard that is both wild and yet amazingly modern. A curled mustache adds the vintage look to this beard style. This look gives off an unbrushed vibe that if managed correctly really makes a statement. More suited to those blessed with thicker facial hair, the textured long beard surely stands out in the crowd and is a real lady pleader as well.

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The Dutch Long Beard:

Dutch Long BeardThe beard can be associated with an old-school look or you may call it the lumberjack beard as well. Requiring a certain amount of patience to grow, the style incorporates a long beard connected to the head at the sideburns.  Usually, the beard is sculpted in a way to make it wider at the bottom. The different thing about this style is that it does not include a mustache, which shifts the entire focus on the beard itself. A pretty pleasant way to highlight your manliness, if you ask us!

The Shorter Long Beard:

Shorter Long BeardThis beard is made to follow the contours of your face to adapt and mold accordingly. The lower part is allowed to grow freely whereas the cheek lines are kept in sharp check to give a neat look. This in contrast with the free hand at the bottom. You can extend the length of the beard up to a full 2 inches below the chin, which makes the entire beard give a well graded ‘V’ shape. If you have a smaller chin this beard can be your savior. Give it a shot, it might be your new style, in waiting!


This concludes our list of the best long beard styles that are up and about this year. Many of them have created a stir in the crowd, others have become the new signature look of many celebrities. All in all, we have showcased all the styles to make it easier for you to choose your next facial hair look. However, you need to keep your personality in mind before you make a move for a specific style, for it is your outlook that portrays your first impression, and first impressions last!

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