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9 Cool Patchy Beard Styles For Men With Less Facial Hair

Gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts oh just kidding lets move on to patchy beard styles without wasting even a second.

You know what they say about beards? Beard is the sign on manhood and men look mannish with beard and mustache. Some men wish to keep a heavy long beard but due to some internal issues the beard does not grow properly rather it appears as parches of hair. In such situation some men either stop keeping a beard but wise men never quit. They still struggle with their beard styles but they do manage to grow one with that patchy beard. Well to solve such issues, now men can easily grow beard of various styles even if they have patchy hair on their face. Patchy beard is easy to grow and you can always experiment with your looks and sap to another style without much effort. So discussed below are super cool 9 patchy beard styles that will look cool on any men.

Patchy Beard Styles

Patchy Beard Styles

  1. Chin beard

First of all for men with extreme patchy hair on face should go for chin beard. Chin beard is like a patch of beard on the chin area and the rest of the face is kept shaved. Men with elongated face for this time should and they will look hunk in it.

  1. Goatee and soul patch

Men with patchy beard have advantage over other that they can combine two styles together and can come up with something new and exciting. To achieve this combination the entire face should be shaved off properly while leaving the mustache and hair on chin. The hair on the above part of the chin should be carefully trimmed to nail the soul patch style. This beard has also been a famous inclusion in our list of best beard styles for round face.

  1. Thick strap

Men with moderate patchiness can go for thick strap. The entire face can be kept clean but a thick strap is left that extends from my jaw and ends at the other. It is up to you if you want to keep a mustache with thick strap or not. The thick strap can be trimmed according to your face shape and according to your personal likings.

  1. Cheekbones highlighter

If you want to look super cute then cheekbone highlighter is a must have. It looks nice on men with thin and elongated face. The patchy beard can be turned into a stylish beard. The patches on the cheeks are kept as it is and the portion below the lower lip can be shaved. Keeping a goatee or soul patch with cheekbone highlighter can be a good option too.

  1. Carefree patchy beard

Some men with patchy beard do not bother much about the patchiness. They let the beard grow on their own. Once they feel that the beard has stopped growing farther they trim it down from the cheeks and from the chin area to give a more subtle and professional look. The mustache is often trimmed form the edges and kept short. The hair on the jaw is kept lighter at times due to patchiness.

  1. Chestnut beard with pencil beard

The jaws are kept softer with less hair while the mustache is pencil thin. Men with gold or reddish hair should go for this style. The mustache is also cut from the edges while leaving a prominent tuft in between.

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  1. Bristly brown beard

Men with brown patchy beard should go for this style. The mustache extends down from the lip area while it really does not connect to the chin beard

  1. 6 o clock shadow

The stubble is shaved but a shadow is left behind which shows that stubble will be grown real soon.

  1. Wide eyes beard

Keeping some parts of the patchy beard lighter and some parts heavy will give a hunk look to men and they will look super mannish and handsome too.

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Hope this small list of patchy beard styles will serve you for your query.


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