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5 Thin Beard Styles For Beard Lovers

Thin beard styles are that category of facial hair fashion that is quite popular among the adolescent generation. Thin Beard StylesHowever, this does not mean that these beard styles are any less becoming to the older gentlemen. On the contrary, many professional beard styles adopt this look for a sleeker appearance. So, what are the different beard styles that focus on this theme of styling? You may be surprised, but there are a number of types of beard-cuts that satisfy this category and for your special benefit, we have compiled all of them to showcase the entire range of thin facial hairstyles in one place. Read: Best beard styles for Round Face

Thin Beard Styles For Beard Lovers

The Chin Strap

thin beard styles for menBeing one of the daring styles to choose, the chin strap beard demands respect, for those who have managed to pull it off are nothing short of stars. Not everyone has taken the risk of going for this look, even on the red carpet there are few actors that have successfully carried this beard style, however, those who have, such as the one and only Elijah wood, have claimed the entire fashion world! The beard style involves a thin band of hair descending from the sideburns, following the jaw line to under the chin. Furthermore, it offers the option to alter the look with an added mustache or with side connections, giving you a free hand with the style. Explore: Beard Styles Names

Simple jawline goatee style

professional beard stylesThis beard style is ideal for those who are struggling to grow facial hair. No more being stressed about how I can’t grow a beard at 20. All you have to do is get your facial hair to grow along the lines of this style. The look involves a patchy beard, trimmed to focus the hair on the chin with a sharp border underneath so that the style gives an air of preciseness. This is paired with a short soul patch and a mustache to give the professional look that many desire. Young stars like Zac Efron have taken to displaying this comfortable, easy to go look to claim the heart of his fans. Find: Best beard styles for teenagers

Straight on jaw line

Straight on jawline beardThis style is the best for all the youngsters, fresh into creating their own beard styles. At this age, it is customary for teens to try out a number of beard-designs, but the best style from among them seems to be the Straight-On Jaw line. This beard style is simply an extension of the soul patch to the chin, but for all the trendsetters out there it is certainly a great option. How to properly trim a beard


Pea sized goatee

patchy beardThis small yet very attractive beard style may as well be the easiest of thin beards. Growth, of the hair on the entire face, is shaved off, whereas only a pea sized soul patch is left which is what the look is all about. Although it may seem not a big deal at first, but many handsome hunks have swayed the world with it. On top of that, it is really popular in the ladies’ club as well which only adds to its worth. Footballers with beards




Scruffy thin beard style

The look is easy to maintain and easy to create as well. The style takes advantage of a well-trimmed and connected haircut with the beard that has been shaved on the face, but with only a small scruff visible just under the jawline. For those who know how to carry it, this beard is a great plus, both in terms of maintenance and good looks. How to make your beard grow fast?

This comprises our round up of the best, thin beard styles circulating the fashion world today. Which one would you rather have? Of course, now that you have a variety to choose from, the worry about having a patchy beard should have vanished. Did you find the one style that suits you? We certainly did, and we know that you did too!

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