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How To Trim Anchor Beard Style: A Simplest Guide

Anchor beard style is among those sophisticated beard styles, which has withstand many changes in fashion trends and yet be practiced widely by many men around the globe.

The anchored beard which sometime also known as jack sparrow beard style is a beard with much more style than the typical beards of the sailors. It is the type of style that is more likely to see on the catwalks than on the crew members of Captain Jack Sparrow. In addition, creating it requires a bit of expertise. It is a careful combination of  beard necklace ,  perilla  and  Hungarian mustache . All of this is molded to perfection to resemble the shape of an anchor. The anchor beard style is very daring and feels better on square or elongated faces, in which the result will make a better impression. anchor beard photos.

Anchor beard style is also famous among black men, to know few other suitable styles for black guys, read our article beard styles for black men.

anchor beard style

Anchor Beard Style Trimming Guide

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1. Start off with a smooth general cut with a full trimmer/scissor of approximately 3 to 5 mm. Use a longer fit for the hair of the beard around the mouth and on the chin.

2. Next, create a clean edge with the precision trimmer at the point of attachment of the neck and chin.

3. Also with the precision trimmer, locate two points at 7.5 cm from the chin, one on each side, and trace the edge of the knob.

4. Next, define the top edges of the knob you just created and carve the hair between the lower lip and the chin with a rectangular shape.

5. Define the style of the beard by carefully shaving the hair from the corner of the lips to the hair of the chin with a small blade. Be sure not to touch the hairs that go from the center of the lips to the chin.

6. Use the trimmer/scissor to shape the knob so that it ends at a rounded tip; Test the length with the adjusting wheel.

7. The mustache should also have the correct length. With the precision trimmer, cut a part in the center. Then use wax to mold the mustache, turning the ends so that the tips fold out.

8. Keep the cheek and neck areas well shaved using a rotating shaver, with gentle circular movements. A small blade is ideal for shaving the narrowest areas.

Style and maintenance of the anchor beard style

Do not let the style disappear quickly, manage to keep the anchor in place by cutting and shaving regularly and applying wax daily.

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How To Trim Anchor Beard

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